Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Video Potpourri

I don't know about Dave but I am getting my last minute shopping in for Christmas. My nephews (7 and 9) are easy....iTunes cards. The more room the better. Lately they're addicted to Epic Pet Wars. And WOW. We have GOT to get in on that racket. I think they've spent 20 bucks each for EPW alone. When the 7 year old asked me if it was ok if he buys a 10 dollar EPW add-on, I fell out of my chair. Because really? 10 bucks? Good job coming up with that Miraphonic!

Anyway, with production for the next update impeded by holiday family obligations, we've found some holiday videos inspired by Pocket God!

A 17 month old named Kaya can't speak yet, but can work an iPhone! And is clearly a Pocket God fan! Thanks Kaya!

5Jusername Wishes You a Pocket God Christmas! Thanks 5J!

And Now For Something Completely Different: "Dave, Allan and Friends", A fan from the Forums is creating a series of animations somehow inspired by Pocket God. If you ask me exactly how it is inspired by Pocket God, I'm not totally sure. Except that the two fuzzy main characters are supposed to be Dave and I. And I've never been a fuzzy cartoon character beforel, So hey, we're flattered and am intrigued to see where its going!

Part 2


  1. So...... When is the new up date coming?

  2. Hehe. Thanks for the help! :D At the moment, I am creating the third episode and then I'll take a little break until mid-January.

    About "Dave, Allan, and Friends", the first three episodes establish the plot, but soon I'll start adding Pocket God features to it, like: Pygmies, the menu bar (coming really soon!), hurricanes, Feint chat, ice monster, etc. You'll even see a cameo from the EVIL Eyedip executives.

    The Eyedip executives (Pocket Devil creators) are the ones that trapped Dave and Allan in the digital world. :D

  3. merry christmas to both you and dave, allan!

  4. I must agree epic pet wars is awesome. However I am doing very good at and have not spent a single penny on it. Lol...

  5. Why aren't comments being approved eney more? And can you atleast tell us the name of the new update? Please?

  6. The last 2 Vids are really cool and the third one's out on YouTube called Festivity. Plus for the ice island you could get a polar bear who digs a hole, which the pygmies fall down into, for the ice next update.

  7. I play epw myself! U guys should try to collaborate on something... They could have a pygmy pet or even put a "you download pocket god, you get respect points." not exactly sure what I cand o for them lol. And I HAVE spent on epw cuz I had a lot of iTunes gift cards lying around.
    Epw name: braxellon2 Fc: s8olnu
    epic chef wars name: squirt22x Fc: gqa

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