Monday, August 31, 2009

Fan Site of the Day - The Pygmy Den

Also known as Pocket Gods Blog, is a newer blog that has collected tons of great content. Run by MalcomJudd and Swig08, they share the obsession for all things Pocket God! They keep up on the Touch Arcade discussions, deliver information and rumors and basically use the blog to give their point of view on current and future updates, upcoming updates and updates they wish would happen...
"so the next update will contain frickin sharks with frickin laserbeams attached to their frickin heads? i thought they would add more functionality to the shark(cooking, toothless) except the part that they would put it underwater. maybe a Shark update PART 3? they finally made a Map Icon for the underwater area(yes!) and i like the control functions in aiming for the pygmies and i wonder how the shark will eat the pygmies. maybe the shark will bite them and split them into half. >: D"

Plus they stay current on the latest fan art and glitches. But also there are just tons of funny screen shots collected there. The Pygmy Den also loves to hold polls. The latest is "What is behind the rocks on Egg Island?" Why are they asking that question, you ask? Well, you'll just have to go to their blog and find out!

>> Click here to visit the Pygmy Den! <<

Thanks guys for the great work!

P.S. Sweet banner!


  1. Thanks for featuring us Allan!

  2. Hey Allan. I would absolutely love it if you could check out our new blog...

    Please email us:

  3. whoa! our blog got featured! cool! you guys REALLY made my day. thanks! its an honor your work being complemented by Allan...

    i hope the next post is about the Developer's Corner.


  4. that is one of he coolest pg pictures ive ever seen! and on a random note, if you make an eclipse, the is a WAAAAHHHHH (like a long o sound). and it sounds kind of like a space chip abducting something.... ooh!

  5. I JUST THOUGHT OF THE BEST CROSSOVER FOR PG EVER, CROSS WITH SWAY!!! you should so do that, whoever agrees with me, PLEASE post a comment saying so

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  7. I forgot to say that POCKET GOD IS AMAZING!!! and I am excited for the next update of the shark its going to be cool!!

  8. when is good will haunting coming out?