Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1.08- Idle Hands

"Testing went a little longer this time so it went out Monday night instead of Sunday. This means that it will probably come out on Friday instead of Thursday.

So, this update was mainly a house cleaning update, we added a new menu that we will build on over time that allows you to disable any features that are getting in your way (sound, earthquake, boulder, etc). Over time, we will build each of the items into categoires so we can swap the boulder with some other island hazard, or swap the shark with something else like a sea monster. there has been some debate about the location of the button that opens the menu, so it would be great if you post your opinions when it comes out (like there is a chance that you won't ).

The other main update was to add gravity to all the other objects on the island, so the boulder, shark, and coconut all get affected by the tilt controls. and we fixed a bunch of the bugs that have been posted as well. btw, it really helps us when you find and post bugs for us, we keep a list of items and fix them whenever possible."

Check out what people are saying and what else Dave had to say at:


  1. Two small bugs that I have found:
    When you turn the little world upside-down and manage to get an islander to hang on...
    Shake to cause an earthquake while the iPod is still upside down.
    This will allow the islanders to get back on their feet...even with the gravity reversed.

    The shark can't seem to latch onto a sleeping islander's head.
    (Or an islander that is hanging on when gravity is reversed, but this update with the shark being affected by gravity should fix that)

    Thanks so much guys!
    Love the app.

    Some things that I'd love to see include:
    -Customizable people.
    -More positive things!
    -Friendly/Carnivorous Animals that roam the island.
    -A pinch-to-size feature that allows a bigger island and more play space.
    -Islanders fight each other for things such as food.
    -Hut that the islanders can hide in. (But of course...being god, you can rip this hut from the ground)
    -Some sort of upgrade system that allows for cooler features. (i.e. if you kill 200 islanders, get a pole that the islanders can hunt fish with)

  2. actually i thought it would be cool if take the bolder (meteor) and if you put it in front of the sun it causes an eclipse...and the islanders freak out :)

  3. I read you might add hurricanes and tornadoes. But if you do, PLEASE DO NOT make it that you have to blow into a mic to create wind or a tornado. All those types of apps ruin it for ipod touch users.

    Thank You

  4. Bob...we wouldn't exclude ipod touch. if we added the feature, we'd come up with an alternative way to create it that is hopefully as cool!

  5. Jubakuba has some great feature requests..

    - Like he said, give the little guys some personality... have them do random funny stuff on their own like fishing or building a huts or fires... all the while making them interactive... like I can disturb them and make them made. :)

    - Add random scenes you can invoke (like dropping 1 coconut and the islanders fight for it). On the flip side, if you feed them they praise you, the god.

    - When you make it rain, have them run under the tree.

    - If you drop the shark on the island, let him flop around and have islanders poke at him or push him in the water...

    - Make screen scrollable and add a second island so you can add a different tribe... Maybe have tribes fight or communicate with each other..

    This game reminds me of the old "Johnny Castaway" screensaver from the early 90s.
    There are some great ideas in Johnny Castaway that you could employ in this application!

    I think this program could go in many directions based on the whole "god" concept both in cruel and nice ways.

    - How about special holiday events that occur on the actual real life date like on Halloween they wear masks or something funny.

  6. didn't you also say that you were gonna give the islanders expressions too? O_o

  7. Hey. yes we're taking steps to giving the islanders some random behaviors. right now there are just 5 or 6 extra things they do, but of course its expandable. This will be available in the next update along with the new menu system. The stat/scoring update is taking us a bit of time so won't make it in the this or next update, so just to keep things interesting, in next update we are doing something a little different...but as a hint, the meteor/eclipse idea is being used!

  8. The menu should only appear when you press and hold all four corners of the screen, meaning you would have to set your iPhone down to do so. Otherwise the menu is completely invisible.

  9. I absolutely love the idea of unlockables. Would that be as hard as so it would take a few weeks instead of 1 week update like you guys at bolt creative are so awesomely maintaining??

  10. how do I become a beta tester?

  11. are you using the eclipse idea because of me or have you already thought of that...

  12. The eclipse idea sounds really cool, and all the emotions are cool. I like when an islander gets eaten by the shark and a close islander looks worried. Go try it.

    Also, i dont know if you are doing this with the new update and all the sound, but disabling the vibration function would be a good idea too.
    I cant tell you how many times i sit in the last 5 minutes of a silent class and the vibration of my iPhone is like gunfire.
    That would be cool and keep up the amazing work!

    You're number one! (literally!)
    And congrats, its been about a week ro so right? =) You deserve it!!!

  13. I love this app guys. Bolt Creative please listen. I've got some super AWESOME ideas. Hows bout there should be a globe you can rotate. You can click on any island then there will be some Spanish islanders who look Spanish. Also Chinese islanders who look Chinese. You should also be able to make your own island and customize it, and make your own islanders, give em clothes change their skin and name them etc.. More natural disasters please. Thank you for listening please take this all in. From a nerd who loves your app to bits.

  14. its friday....when is the update suppose to come out? later today, or u guys a little late with it....either way keep up the good work, i love this app!!!

  15. Hey, i thought the Ep.9 was suppose to come out today? Whats the deal? WAsnt it suppose to be friday?

  16. Hey i love this app.
    Just a little thing that i noticed.
    When you fling an islander into the volcano, it makes the same sound of when you land in the water. It would be hyper if it went "tsssssssssssssssssss" :P

  17. Great game all around. Just one thing... could u let the islanders play football with an uncracked coconut?

  18. I love the first comment on this, and also i think other ideas for food would be great :)

    and fishing would be awesome.

    Also it would be good if it had a purpose, like keep track of how many islanders you kill and earn different things for your island!

  19. great app!!!! i think they should make a fire and you can throw them into it.

  20. Nikola, on your ipod (or iphone) if you go to the app store, there should be a button at the bottom called "updates"...can you find it?

  21. hi bolt creative im just saying you have the best app and can you please give me hints for the next like 4 or five episodes pleaseeee!!!!!!!!

  22. Super awesome, I'm cool with what ever you give us. but i really hope that you guys make tapping the sun twice and making it hurl fireballs at the islanders would be thuuperr :P

    most games don't really keep my interest but... holy crap did this do the job. thank you guys! will play 96% of the time on the way down to vacation :D

  23. make them fight!!
    also you sould add races and objects they can interact with

  24. How do you do jump the shark. I am confused...

  25. How do you do "jump the shark." I am confused.

  26. hi. one question. can't i update through iTunes? the ideea with the two tribes fighting is awesome

  27. A couple of ideas

    -Make different weather changes (snow,hail,rain,etc)

    -Make a jail or some room that you can put them in just to see them try to break out

    -Make different clothes and features to customize the islanders

    -Expand the island size

    -Make another island for a territory war

    -Make a tornado feature where when you circle your finger on the screen a mini tornado appears and takes the islanders in a little funnel

  28. I think you should make the island bigger, then other tribes could try and take over the island, but being god you could watch or intervene and protect the island by doing the same thin to your islanders( like throw them in volcanos or feed the shark) you could toggle this feature on or off to have something to do, or keep it sweet and simple.

  29. If the shark gets dropped on the island it is only fair that the islanders get to eat it.

    Also, how about some sort of heaven for all the islanders that get killed by almighty god. With a tally of how many have died.

  30. hello pocketgod makers I just want to suggest some Ideas to you for pocketgod(my favorite app) 1. Is to make it so that you can have dofferent islands and you can name each of the Islands then you can choose if you want a tiki island a modern island a future island ect. I heave plenty more Ideas but this is all I had time for because it's time for dinner sincerelys Zapper

  31. hey guys i just ate some pizza and I just got some more ideas

    since you have godly powers maybe you could summon some type of creepy animals or monsters

    maybe you could design what you as a god looks like

    maybe you could design your tiki guys who come from the sky

    just a plain idea is to be able to have more tiki guys
    well I dont know how but I ran out of ideas so yea by and by the way im Andrew not zapper I dont know y i put that before

  32. I got some more ideas

    zoom in anywhere

    put tiki people in the tree

    make the tiki people get hungry

    make different islands such as warrior people islands stranded people islands ect.

    make it so you can fight with other peoples islands

    make a catupult to launch the little people and run them over with

  33. more ideas here

    could u make the ability for them to evolve but you can always down evolve them if you want

    could you give them the ability to build a fire

  34. Yeah dude everybody wants these things
    . name the islanders
    . fight with other islands
    . make the island big
    * if you do add the fighting, I hope you can toggle that feature on or off.
    Personally I like the weather idea with the hail and snow.

  35. whens the new update and wats on it.

  36. I've also noticed a bug involving the islanders holding on and the boulder falling back down when the ipod is set back in the upright position. For me this cause an islander to do the "squished" animation and after moving the boulder he would not move and was not interactable at all from this point on but was stuck there and would not move no matter what extra was used on him. i.e. volcano, boulder, shark, lightning, ect. Idk if this is a rare bug but it happened this time and I've replicated it if I try to but other than that the finding was accidental

  37. I had a great idea you should make in each upgrade you unlock things, say tasks or something and you can upgrade your island soon to be the future. start with maybe two diferent islands over time they can build boats visit interact even make them argue and start a war each upgrade can include inventions from now like using wind power as a kite then putting a metel part on it create electricity and build a light bulb. include all that then after making it till the present then start to design future things then find another tribe where you started build schools educate them. please consider the idea then mess around with it as you will thanks, Nick P.S. make there some girls on the island so its not all guys