Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pocket God Ported to your Desktop

I know I know. I think Apple overloaded with new apps so our updates seem to be going through slower :( Something's Fishy is coming. But to tie you over, we have a surprise. A nearly identical port of Pocket God directly to your desktop.


It's still just a beta, so be kind.


  1. haha:P peanutter jelly timexD
    ah yeah, a great version of pocket god on the pc:)

  2. haha:P
    ah yeah, a great version of PG on the computerxD

    btw, love PG on the ipod touch, can't wait for something fishy:) unfortanetly your app is only at sixth place on appstore here in norway, it's a shame..
    I have been on my ipod from monday, checking appstore for the update almost all the time (at least when i have wifi). im so exited:D

  3. Oh my gosh,

    this is a perfect copy, I can't see ANY differences to the iPod version. I love how you solved the device rotation thing, it looks so cool. I realised that there is a new feature in there you can't access in the mobile version. Hold down G,O,D,Alt,Print and Caps Lock while drawing a circle with your mouse to activate the new Hurricane island resizer.
    Just one more question: Aint this bad for your business? When there's such a cool version for the desktop, why would anyone buy the iPod version? But still I'm glad that you have done it, because now I can have pocked god always with me on my desktop and leave this bulky iPod at home.
    Thanks a lot!



  4. hey guys,

    I'm getting real afraid that pocket god will continue going down on the top charts if somethings fishy doesn't come out. I've been trying to calm people down and post reviews saying, "it is coming, be patient." so try to get the next update out as quickly as possible to calm the fire. And I think you should advertise this blog a tad bit more, not alot of people know about it, and they should.

  5. @ stedsnavn - Same here, I keep checking all the time :P All this just so I can see them fish ^.^

    Pocket God is all over the place in the UK App Store - at the moment it's fourth and I've seen it at the second spot once or twice, though sometimes it vanishes from the top ten altogether :(

    Flight Control has been constantly top for a while now - I've bought that too and I think Pocket God is far better! Each to their own, though.

    I have my iPod Touch 2G Jailbroken, but I honestly think it's pretty pathetic if you can't give 59p to a developer for a great little game like this (I remember reading that article about someone who pirated the game and asked for tech support - Really can't stand people like that).

  6. lol, nice pg 4 the computer :P

    actually, thats a pretty good idea. Why don't u guys try that? that'd be fun 4 people w/o ipods.

  7. APRIL FOOLS! fishy is never coming out.

  8. Hey, is the new update gonna come out later today or in a few days?

  9. hey everyone....i know i know! there's not much we can do about it. I'm afraid the days of fast approval may be numbered. Thanks for the support and being patient!

  10. i was thinking about making one but its totally ruined. i think its okay...i used the images from the wallpaper contest

  11. One thing that had me disappionted with this update is that you added a new island, but not the ability to change the temperature. It would be a great addition to the game.

  12. Lol this is just like the ipod one, including the music LOL!!!!

  13. dude this sucks, i had this huge project on pg, it was almost finished (it was also with that exact program) I had the harpoon fishing that I suggested on my youtube account awhile ago (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgS6IrqRZ-8)
    Then my comp broke.
    But still haha very nice job by this guy, i had seen it before, its what inspired me to try to do the real thing, i had used sprites from the internet which took forever to find, sharks, burning pygmy, electricuted, etc.
    hey keep up the great work with PG! I love the new ape one, maybe a new one could be something to do with them being on a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean? and the map spot would be called stranded or something?
    Thanks for your time! Peace!


  15. this sucks! all i can do is zap them and make twisters!

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  17. you should make a dsiware version of pocket god

  18. pocket god has released on pc for facebook users only

  19. pocket god rockss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. next step(facebook version) is to have a downloadable version