Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The APPERA makes Dave and Allan Developers of the Month!

The Appera is a very cool site to get to know the inside works of iPhone app and game development. James "Superbad/Oreo" Isabel recently came to us and asked for inside info on the making of Pocket God and we gave it to him. This is a multi-part piece, and the link below is to view part one! Thanks James!



  1. you really need to start another suggestion box!!!!!

  2. Please make them bow down and worship me.

  3. Way to go guys,
    I would also like to be a beta tester. If you could put me on the list that would be great. I love this game and play it every day, so to be a beta tester would be pretty cool. Thanks.

  4. great guys! For the next update (after a mighty wind) why not make nothing new, and instead make all things in the game more affected by each other e.g. that you can flick all things into the volcano (the shark, the rock etc.) and maybe that you can light anything (maybe the shark gets grilled and the pygmies then can eat him, the palm tree maybe catches on fire, and maybe the moai statue starts to shine from the eyes) and maybe that the rock affects everything (e.g. if u drop it on the moai statue the statue will crack up, if u drop a pygmie on the rock it will stand on it etc.), and maybe break some boundaries in the game too (e.g. letting you have more pygmies than 6 on the island, and letting you have more vampires at the same time) that would be awesome because it would be more things to discover

  5. This is the second and last part of the article:

    All we want to say is more power and keep up the great devishly updates!!