Monday, March 16, 2009

Macworld Reviews Pocket God!

"The joy of Pocket God is discovering all the stuff you can control. Tap on an islander, and he responds as if poked. Tap and hold, and you can drag him up into the sky, spin him around as fast as you can, or fling him into the ocean water. Aim right, and you can fling the poor guy right into the volcano in the background. That starts the volcano smoking. Toss a few more islanders in, and... well, I'll let you find out for yourself."

Its a pretty cool review! Thanks, Lex Friedman!
Click here!


  1. i agree with the review, and this is an amazing game. i love it!
    cant wait for updates! :)

  2. oh btw, I have a few suggestions you should consider.

    I think the best things to add would be to have different types of islanders (male and female, randomly different hairstyles, etc) and possibly the ability to customize individual islanders. I think that if they aged over a period of time, that would be REALLY cool too. To also be able to control individual islanders (fighting other islanders, climbing the tree, talking to eachother, the ability for them to fish, etc), thatd be reallly great. Having them to do more things independently would be great too, and i think if they reacted to things, like lightening striking near them, thatd be a good thing to add. JUST KEEP UPGRADING, I think the scoring system is going to make this game perfect! THANKS :D

  3. My pleasure! It was a delightful app to review; congratulations on all your success!

  4. maybe one day you should have a major update that takes two weeks, keeps the suspense, but will have so many new features well go crazy!!! lol

  5. Dear Bolt Creative:
    You may not have time to read this but please do if you have time.
    I have been here since the volcano to the vampire and I have to say it take alot of skill and consentration to create a game like this.
    The game started out a little shakey but over time you can see what happened.....
    Congratulations! :D
    Your Friend Jordan aka Pocket Gods #1 fan

  6. I think aaron is referring to Virtual VIllagers! =D anyway.

    is it normal that after the islander has been bitten by the vampire, it will rampage a few milliseconds then it will do an earthquake?

    mine does that

  7. Could their be possible features relating to wifi? Like communication with other pocket god app owners, such as visiting their island or having friends to come visit your island and play games and communicate? But only in progress, way later in the game, just a suggestion. Love the application, can't wait to see what's next!

  8. Also, could we design our characters and throughout the game, find or update things to put on our island or around? New creatures? Island animals? Girls and boys? Raise islanders from a baby?

  9. If I could had a moment of your time- I think that you should have a few customisable things like gender, the island, Ect. Also, you should make a sequal that puts you in control of a pigmy village with a tribeleader, huts, and so on. Call it something like "tribal edition" and possible you could fight other tribes to gain land. Tell me what you think.