Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dave Report: 1.11 Something's Fishy

Dave has been working extra hard lately, and the updates are getting more and more optimized. A new TouchArcade thread has been posted, and here is a summary:

"The new (animation) system is critical because the fishing animation is too big to fit in the game so we have to break it into parts to animate (Rod, Bobber, Splash, Pygmy, String) and have them all animate together seamlessly, we started the new system with the Tree animations in A Mighty Wind! but this update really pushed it.

About the actual update, of course its fishing, we wanted to add more of a game too it, but currently its an interactive fishing rod that the pygmy can throw in the water and catch fish with, the bobber is interactive, so you can drag it right and left. The shark can also grab the bobber and drag the pygmy into the water. This might be one of those features that we refine later on, because I think its really cool but we need time to make a good game out of it."

Check out the full thread here.


  1. A big HEY from your fans from Germany,

    I just wanted to say that your game is fantastic and that you guys should have a look at the comment by Billy at the post "This NOT a good review" I really like this idea and of course that with the fish ;)
    Also I wanted to suggest you one of mine: There is a chicken flying around and you can kill it with a lightning and give it to the islanders or the shark. That would be very very cool if you'll make this come true!

    I wish you a lot of luck and fame!

    Yours biggest fan from Germany

  2. Sounds amazing !. please could we have a release date.

    keep up the good work and below are a few suggestions

    Bigger island and island customization (not like the sims but like different colored trees and sand and maybe only a few things such as island length and sandcastles)

  3. Awesome! This is really giving Pocket God a new dimension! =D Thumbs up guys! BTW, Dave, could you send me, or tell me where to find the descriptions of the previous episodes? I would like to read 'em!

  4. Can you cook the fish? That would be brill, possibly with lightening at 1st but then you could introduce a fire which you could start with lightening, then put the fish on to cook.
    Anyway, the new update sounds awesome. Keep them coming!!!

  5. could i become a beta tester, this is my favourite app and i would love to help out, and there is a couple of bugs that i know of know

  6. i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really don't want this awesome app to become a is fine but don't turn this into a win or lose app in any way. the best part about pocket god is how you can just play it mindless...i love that!

    ps, i miss the ability to move the clouds with your finger instead of the stupid button, makes you feel more in control...

    ummm... I know you must have hear alot of this but.
    I think you guys should keep making these update a week things for a while but then stop.
    Then you can say like Please wait 3-6 weeks for the big update like you know make the island big? customize your pigmy? its just a consideration please take it in thought. Thank you for the game :)

    I just have some really really good ideas for things to add and I think you'll like atleast a few...
    1. (this ones kind sad and bad but i just want to see what you think)In anchent times people thought that an eclipes was a sign of the end times. So instead of when you do the eclipes it makes it kinda dark, it gets dark and all of them get scared(ie they run around like when they got lava on them but there is no lava on them) and half of them get down on thier knees and start praying to their god(me! and of the ones that aren't praying 1 of them jump in the water drowning themselves and another 1 of them throws a rope over the tree, hangs themself then the rope and then the body falls in water. See told you...but the hanging thing don't do that if you don't want to is you dont want to(I don't care it's just an idea) but i think the rest about where they pray to you and 1 of them jump in the water is kinda cool...

    I know this is long but stick with me here...

    2.(now this is just normal and kind cool) When you do make it to where to can customize each pigmie you should be able to set stats for them with 3 different points, sanity, happyness, and faith. If their sanity is high they are very smart and inteligent and show by sometimes when you stop messin with them they will pull out glasses and big book and start reading it.
    However if their sanity is low they are crazy and they kill one the others... by pushing them in the water(not all of them just one then mayby aawhile later they kill another). Then if their sanity is in medium their normal in that area. For happyness if it's high they are always happy and smiling but if its low they are emo and where black and cut themselves and go cry in the corner of the island.(medium=normal this stat)______________coolest idea to me____________ Then for faith if their faith is set high they are often praying, worshiping and bowing down to you. But if their faith is low they are an atheist and they try to scientificly explain everything you do(ie when you pick them up to levitate,when you flick one of the others, whhen you shift gravity, etc.). When thier trying to expain what you do it could be something differnt for each thing for example when you pick them up if you let them down they look for something under the sand of where you picked them up or for when you flick one they mesure they get out a tool and meture the wind speed and they conlude it was the wind by a speach bubble appearing above thir head saying "hu. It must have been the wind..."
    dang, I typed alot....but its got some good ideas in it though...
    I just want to say again that I LOVE your app! Hope you like my ideas! I don't care if you don't though it dousn't matter to me. I just wanted to see what you think.

  9. I agree with Simon that you can do something(s) with the caught fish. But perhaps a variety of fish and maybe even a big pulling them into the water?

  10. Seriously, you guys rock with these updates every week! I think, (since you guys already have the shark pulling them in) then the other pygmies pull onto the fishing pygmy and there a 50/50 chance of them all going in or them pulling on the shark which can flop around and eat the pygmies for all of 10 seconds.

  11. These updates are amazing.I first downloaded this App thinking oh this looks KINDA fun but as the weeks went by i relaized oh my god his is frikin AWESOME!!So thank you soo much for making this App and please never stop updating or if you do go out with a bang!!! Oh and I LOVE THAT IDEA that "pocketgodrocks" made!The traits and stuff like that is genius! :)

  12. This is so cool ..
    I can't wait for the next update ..
    Good job, guys ..
    Keep up the good work :)

  13. I also think that the idea that the PocketGodRocks guy came up with. I think it is a very cool idea and would work well when the customizing islanders update comes out. It may need a bit of tweaking tho. But the ideas are there and i think he needs credit for a brilliant idea!! Well done!

    I also agree with Mergen. I think that you should keep doing the updates-a-week for a little while longer, then make us wait a little longer for the bigger updates that will really make the game AWESOME, such as the customizing the island and the points system, which personally i think will make the game. I think this could be done like the xbox achievements system which you could keep adding to. Some examples are 1. Three islanders in the volcano 2. Three islanders in a row in the volcano 3. Teasing the shark 3 times (were you leave and islander above the water then move him at the last minute, which btw is very funny). You can imagine how with each update there will be more achievements added and then more longevity to the game.

    I also like the idea from another article posted, where someone wrote that a basketball hoop will be placed on the tree, and then islanders then use the coconut as a basketball and play. Also, you can drop islanders into the ring (maybe they get stuck) that was my suggestion the getting stuck bit.

    Another idea would be that you add more variety to the sea creatures, for example you could add a squid, this would be really funny to drop on the islanders head. To change from shark to squad you could hold on the fin then an additional little bit forms below with the logo for the squid. Just an idea, lol.

    One last thing, please bring back the scrolling on the clouds to change the weather, because that was way cooler.

  14. add-on to what sam said up there, when he said there was a 50% chance the pygmies would get pulled in, or 50% chance the shark would get pulled up; how about instead, you could decide.

  15. Pocketgodrocks has some pretty good ideas, except for the speach bubble thing but other than that, good ideas.

  16. For anyone with a facebook account they should join the official Pocket God group because were losing interest even on here which of course is bad and has the large possibility of taking pocket god down further which = updates later than just a week

  17. I have an idea for a cool little edition to the game. I that after playing the game for like 10 minutes a bottle will float by in front of the island. You could pick it up and drop it on the pygmy's head like the cocoanut. The bottle would break and their would be a note in it like a message in a bottle. You could make the note say whatever you want it to. I think that this would be a great easter egg to add to the game. You shouldn't say anything about this in the update, so that people will have to figure this out on their own. I think your game is AWESOME, and I hope that you become #1 in the U.S. again.

  18. hey pocketgodrocks. the first idea is good. but the is that possible? then one guy will be forced to read a book, be emo, and scientifically explain stuff all at the same time!

  19. just remember that money in = updates out

  20. Hi! Since I don't have a toucharcade account and can't, I want to post my suggestion from the thread here. I hope this is ok!

    Well, anyway, I came up with a way to incorporate "Sway" into Pocket god. You could have a lizard climb on to the screen(Like in sway, but with Pocket God-style graphics) and land on a pygmy. It could then either play nice with the pygmies or do thing like eat them, toss them in the water, etc. It'd let you put some of sway into your game and add the other "animal in the tree" feature people have been wanting! Just a suggestion. Hope you consider it!

  21. Hello there) Looking forward to the release of Episode 12 ;)

    I just wanted to add one little suggestion: please let us all punish the shark! Let us struck itr with lightning or throw a rock on it and so on... Make it sensible for every inslaners' threats

  22. Awesome game! LOVE IT!

    Just a quick question.....

    I used to be able to play pocket god and everything was fine

    then all of a sudden it became really laggy and not as responsive as before D:

    IS there a way to fix that? Will it go away by the next update? HELP!

  23. Awesome Game! LOVE it!

    Just a quick question...

    I used to be able to play Pocket God and everything was fine

    Now everything is laggy and not as responsive D: its no fun when its like that

    Is there a way to fix this? Will it be fixed when I update to the next episode? HELP!

    Still love the game

  24. I HATE APPSTORE CUZ WERE NOT NUMBER ONE ANY MORE any way I got a good idea for a future update if u could advance the pygments like tuder times or Romans and stuff anyway just wanna say love the game it's so cool bye :)

  25. I had a couple of ideas... 1. I just wish the tiki head would do somthing, ya know? Also, could you make a drawing feature, were you could write on the beach? Also, could there be other fruits, like a bannana? The pygmies could peel and and eats it, one bite at a time... Pocket god rox my sox!!!

  26. hungrynhi It could be the new visual affects program they go. also I like the idea of a banana...what if they threw the peel on the ground one slips on it and falls in the water and drowns...also joeldeak..many people have talked about evolution and the guys learning...that would be great...the more they evolve some become athiests so you as god punish them haha....also when is the release date of this new app?

  27. You should be able to make the islanders psychotic like what pocketgodrocks said with the sanity meter but don't turn into a game please. That would ruin the fun of it and make it 'oh, I have to do this' or 'I have to do that'. I agree with the how many times you have killed islanders. Like naming them and such with the first pygmy to show up would be this and so forth. Please allow the making of fire at some point like it could be used to cook food, fend off the vampire bat, keep warm at night, and spiritual ceremonies such as holdays. One more thing. Coconuts have milk in them. If YOU don't kill them first lack of water will. Think about these things! Go pocket god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i dont care how big the game is. i would delete an album of my itouch for the game. its amazing.

  29. I think you should have something called islander cam where you get to go to islander cam it is a first person view and when you have them in a tornado they see wind and coconuts flying around and sometimes they get hit.there should also be wolves and when is the somethings fishy and march of the fire ants update coming out?