Monday, March 9, 2009

Leo Laporte's App Pick of the Week; Other Podcasts

Leo Laporte, formerly of TechTV, recommended Pocket God as his App Pick of the Week in the podcast, MacBreak Weekly. Touch of Gaming Episode 22 reviewed Pocket God, saying "there is no reason for you not to buy it at 99 cents". Stay tuned for more podcasts and reviews as they come in.

Touch of Gaming:
MacBreak Weekly:


  1. i have the old itouch, and so i cant download this app. is there a way to make it downloadable for the original itouch? i would really appreciate it

  2. it is downloadable on the old ipod touch i have it
    i have a small suggestion, the tiki statue thing should be an idol to you that the islanders worship

  3. no it doesnt, i have it and it say "this application is not compatible with this ipod" why else would it do that??

  4. Hi kookykyle13. Maybe you don't have the latest version of the iPod touch OS?

    Just so you know, I've got a 16GB first gen iPod touch as up-to-date as can be and it runs just fine here. So it should be possible for you to play with Pocket God.

  5. Hey far as i know all ipod touch users and iphone users should be able to get it. just make sure you have the 2.2 firmware update!