Monday, March 16, 2009

iPhone App gives PG props!

Chris J at iPhone App Reviews revises his opinion about Pocket God! We actually got a kick out of his prior review...Even with criticisms, his sharp wit had us laughing. This time around he highlights the improvements we've made over the last few weeks and gives them a thumbs up!
"The key to Pocket God’s success lays primarily with the steady updates. Updates have been arriving about once per week, and there have been five updates since I first reviewed Pocket God, hence my updated review. These updates expand the capabilities of app and broaden the experience."

He also talks about the crazy blogging, facebooking and youtubing going on here. Thanks, Chris!



  1. Nice to see people are paying attention to Pocket God now!

    By the way, we've just announced that Dave and Allan are our March Developers of the Month for!

  2. Glad to give credit where credit is due. I have yet to find another app that puts out the kind of continued effort you guys do. Keep it up!
    Chris J.

  3. New to the site and had a question about downloading the game. What does it mean when a message pops up on my iPhone saying this phone is not compatible with the game?
    Edward S.

  4. Could u make a heaven-like place above the clouds that they go to when they die, and can they play football with a coconut that has not been broken open?
    Other than that, great job so far, it is an awesome game. Keep the features coming!!!!:)

  5. Alex.... What the heck!!!!!!!!???? That makes no sence