Thursday, March 19, 2009

iPhone Savior talks to Dave...Appera completes Bolt Creative Profile

They've posted a very interesting article where Dave is interviewed and reveals much about the development and rise of Pocket God.

>> iPhone Savior Article <<

Also James at theAppera finishes up the Bolt Creative profile!

>> TheAppera Article <<

and for good measure, a new review!

>>App Chatter Review<<


  1. Hey guys great work love the app but please think about moving the menu button to where the Question mark used to be why you ask? Well I keep hitting that when I try to add new Ilanders. Please respone!!

  2. Hey guys me again can you guys mybee make a suggestions box that would help.

  3. you guys should make more ilands bigger and smaller that would be awsome and also mybee make some wave movement. Anyway great app guys!!

  4. I love this game. There are better apps, but what really makes this game is the weekly updates. Many an app claims to have them and does not. Waiting for mighty winds.

  5. can u please help me? i purchased pocket god for the ipod touch 2G and it will not sync to my ipod touch? help me or please refund my purchase