Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Video Review

Looks like its a little dated. The boulder is still a boulder and not a meteor, but a slick little review:


  1. Maybe something with 'ice /snow' can be cool !

    A little idea : What about changing them into iceblock or freezing if we take them too high in the sky ? :)

    Great app, thanks for your work and for your awesome updates !

  2. they didn't zap the pygmy... lame :)

  3. ONe update you should do is like a temperature changer, like a thermometer. Put it on hot, they begin to sweat, put it on cold, it begins to snow and they freeze up into ice blocks. and, you guys rock. and i have no idea what the update ''something fishy'' is going to be about!!! WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE ABOUT?!?!?!?! PLEASE TELL!!!!

  4. My updates seem to run one behind. I get the update, but the icon art is one behind. I did the update for the 'hurricane', but so far, I have the vampire art... but no update to hurricane within the game. It doesn't show in the onboard faq screen, either.