Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1.09: Hi! Dracula

1.09 has been submitted, a little late due to a crash...

"Hey Everyone, a little late today with the preview thread but today has been a really busy day. We needed to resubmit our Hi Dracula! update today, I'll talk about that toward the end of the post but for anyone who isn't sure about what the new update is about. Hi Dracula! is a homage to iDracula, the game that was sitting at the top spot while we were at #2. We really love the game and thought it would be fun to do something relavant and quick with this update.

Hi Dracula will have lots of cool stuff, if you tap the moon, a vampire bat will come out and bite a sleeping pygmy turning him into a vampire. the Vampire Pygmy will then throw all the other pygmies off the island until you boot him off or turn the scene to daylight. If the sun is in sunset position, he just gets worried and begs you not to put the sun up, if it goes to full daylight, he burns and then eventually turns to ash and explodes. We also added the eclipse this update, which will safe the vampire by shielding him from sunlight.

For the next update, here's a tease. We are going to do an old school pocket god update.

oh yea, about the resubmit. We found a bad crash bug in Sundays build, so I had to fix it today (thats why I was lurking). So Hi Dracula will probably be out a week from today. Maybe Monday night, Maybe Tuesday. We'll try and get back on track, but I think its safest for us to finish our updates and have them be ready to submit on Sunday night, but have Monday and Tuesday to test for crash bugs. I think Tuesday night will be our new submit date."


  1. In your last update you made it so that the shark would knock the islanders off, but I noticed that its really easy to knock them off with it, but now you cant drop the shark on their heads. just wondered if that was intended.

    You guys are doing great work, by far the best app I've spent money on!

  2. this update sounds great but is that the only thing your going to add to pocketgod cause I thought you were thinking of doing a GIANT UPDATE like with tsunamis and all that stuff

  3. Mark...the shark can still be dropped on their heads but as long as gravity control is turned on in the menu, a slight tilt of the ipod/phone will cause it to miss. try turning off gravity or holding the phone really straight. The next update we've corrected the situation! thanks for letting us know!

  4. Hey Andrew....we're working on gearing up for bigger updates but we're both dealing with multiple projects that we committed to before Pocket God started getting really successful. When we have more time, we are going to make major revamps. the next update should be a little "bigger" because we are adding a major new function.

  5. first of all, I just have to say, I love this app!!!
    also, something I found out is that when u dangle the little islanders over the shark so that the shark jumps up for them, if u push them back up in the sky more right before the shark eats them, u save them, so it's like your teasing the shark, I found it quite entertaining, but something that would be cool though is if u could see the shark being agrivated because u keep moving the islander above him right as he's jumping up for him, it's not
    much but I thought it would add a cool little detail.....I can't wait for hi Dracula....keep up the good work guys
    you guys are awesome!!!!

  6. Haha, this update sounds great! Very creative. This is the best app out there. I love it that you guys are keeping with the weekly updates. Cant wait for this one!

  7. Best crew ever! Keep it up guys!

  8. that's so awesome, but how do you make the eclipse, and was i the one who came up with that or did you have that planed be4 i mentioned it, please reply cause i also want to know what email i can send you idas and videos to. yes, videos, like commercials :)

  9. This is really a fantastic and very imaginative (not so) little app.

    I was wondering about the possibility of adding multi-touch to it (to levitate multiple islanders, or banging a shark against the boulder, for instance).

    I also noticed a few requests for more weather effects and I came up with this idea: how about using the pinch effect to increase or decrease the size of the sun. If it gets smaller than a certain amount, the weather turns cold (and enable a snow effect). If it gets too big, the islanders are in for a heatwave (and unlock tsunami, hurricane, etc. effects).

    Just a thought (I honestly have no idea how difficult it would be to code this, but it sounds cool, don't you think? ;-)

  10. this update is gonna be really dope

  11. Awsome!!! I'm just wondering.. Dave, you sent me an email to be a beta tester and you said you sent the files out a day after, will I get it or do I have to wait a long time to be on the team???

  12. Sweet Game! You should really do a season option! In summer, all the islanders are warm, and in winter it snows!

  13. NOOO!!!!
    i love the idea for the vampire pygmy and all but why does he have to throw all the others off? can u add the option to make him "nice" in a way that he doesn't kill them all instantly because i was really looking forward to different kinds of pygmies coexisting

  14. NOOOO!!!!
    i love the idea 4 vampire pygmies but can u make it so that he doesn't kill them all instantly and make him like bite someone and have them die or turn into another vampire because i was really excited to see different pygmies coexisting :(
    anyways tho... i love the menu and it will be very useful 4 things like this and more
    cant wait 4 1.09 and am still guessing about 1.10!! GREAT JOB BOLT CREATIVE!!!!!

  15. Really really good app. I think this app has huge potential, but at the moment it does get boring pretty quick. Each week you add a little bit to the app, making it slightly more entertaining, but really i think that the update that will really improve Pocket God will be the points system because there will then be objectives to the game. A good idea would be to score points on karma. For example points for being a good or bad god. Points for getting three islanders in the volcano, most number of islanders on the volcano at once ect ect.

    Last thing- keep up the good work bolt creative!!!


  16. I'm not sure how the thing is going to work with the vampire pigmy begging you not to bring ip the sun, because when you put the moon down the sun pops up. It would work if the sunset/sunrise came when you put the moon to the horizon...

  17. Wow! Can't wait for this update! But I see that for the moment, there more things to be a bad god then a good one! As a lot of people said, this game has huge potential!

    Here what I would love to see in the futur:
    -You can built a village
    -More disaster
    -Point system (Wood to buy stuff, Rock, God points, etc...)
    -Customise your pigmy (1 by 1...making a lot of different pigmy on your island)
    -Customise your land
    -A bigger land OR more then one
    -As I said...more good things!
    -Planting tree/plants and you can choose the speed to make them grow
    -Rain, snow?, etc...

    And...continue the good stuff! ^^

    NOTE: When this update will be available? (vr.1.09)

  18. I wanted to be able to turn a pygmy into a werewolf when the moon was up. Is that a good idea?

  19. Hello my. And is brendan and I want to beta test pocket god. I have tested many other things on diffrent platforms including the former #1 app I shoot my email is

  20. can I beta test pocket god my email is

  21. i like who u guys are kepping us informed, what you guys are doing is so getting you guys so many people to buy pocket god like me, and man the main reason why i got it is because you guys are updating it every week so keep it up!!!!

  22. heres a video about pocket god he says it is currently his best app on his ipod

  23. how do you make an eclipse in the new vr.1.09?

  24. I would like to be a beta tester PLEASE. I'm a die hard fan and would love to help make your game better by testing it.

  25. Hey! thanks for all the suggestions. Many of them are in the works. I am trying to keep up. Robert.....write me at We are maxed out on beta testers right now (it takes a bit of support to set someone up), but if someone stops contributing, we drop them from the list, and can add someone else. Its funny someone mentioned the tree not shaking in an earthquake. In the next update "A mighty wind" we are now animating the tree, so it does shake in the earthquake! More info on the next posting.

  26. Please bolt, I would love it soooooooooooo much if you would add steves idea ( above ) about the sun affecting the weather. Second maybe making it work with a calender so different holidays have Different effects like on Christmas eve if you make it dark you see a Santa / sliegh shilouette. Plus more for other holidays. Just an idea.


  27. I think having a point system is for GAMES. this app isnt a game and it would be no fun if you had to score points. please dont add that in any future update. i think that the weather and calendar ideas are great

  28. Hi there,
    No doubt that you are emerging as one of the best development teams for iPhone/touch games.
    Kudos to the team!!
    I just got an idea of having an OZA of all the pigmy friends..OZA will worship god and other pigmys will follow his orders until we throw him out make him look like a BAD BOY somehow. :-D

    Nice stuff

  29. I like how you can just simply slap the Vampire bat away. But with a single touch of the moon, bring him back to turn a pygmy into a vampire again! Very entertaining to me... Even though i have the attention span of a 5 year old (I'm 15).

    Great work, Bolt.