Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Appvee Review

Some people might remember that Appvee reviewed Pocket God 1.0 when it didn't do much. It was NOT a good review and they expressed skepticism that we'd stick to our update promise. It ended up being a positive thing for us because we took it as a challenge that paid off! Here's there latest review. Thanks, Appvee!


  1. Here are a few suggestions:

    - Quicksand

    - Visitors from another place who end up killing our pygmies. We can call them "Europeans".;)

  2. I'm Not Sure If this will even be read but i have a suggestion. I've always been a fan of zombies, I love Left 4 Dead, but i think that there should be some serious consideration in making it to where a pigmy turns into a zombie after death. Now this would obviously mean that you would have to incorporate a new type of death that doesn't involve being lavaed alive, swallowed nearly hole by a shark or thrown into the waters only to inevitably drown. Thats where creative works would come into play. I absolutely love Pocket God And am always waiting anxiously for your next updates. If At all this is read and you like my suggestions i shall continue to give my ideas. There is no doubt that you've also probably thought of this already but i know that a lot can come of all this. Also i really can't wait to be able to name the islanders i just hope thats an ability that comes sooner and not later.

  3. Hey Dave,
    I don't know if you know, but I left a PM on your touch arcade account.

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated!

  4. I have a suggestion for an update:D!
    What about givng them like houses and jobs and stuff, cause that would be so awesome and the game would have more like dept and stuff. You know? And how about making the pygmies able to swim, and give us the power to make waves and drown them when they swim and stuff? Think about it:) Good luck with the weekly updates

  5. If i had six pygmies to name, i would name them.......


    its a nice little patern.

    oh and can you rename islanders? my friend billy is worried that you are stuck with the names.

    AND i think you should be able to save the game. i hate when i have to start over and i just have a single pygmie.