Monday, March 9, 2009

New update!

Idle Hands is now available in the app store and we've just submitted "Hi, Dracula!" which should come out end of week or early next.

In case you haven't noticed with Idle Hands, there is a new menu that allows you to turn certain functions on and off. There were many complaints that the island was getting too crowded, or the gravity was annoying in certain situations, plus various other similar issues, so we wanted to install a menu system that turns things on and off and gives you way to access certain functions. This menu will eventually have categories and drill-down menus, but as yet there isn't enough to warrant that. Also you MIGHT notice, if you leave them alone, the islanders are now doing other things besides staring straight ahead. They might wave at you, they might look around in curiosity, or even get a little gassy. Dave also spent a while on the gravity situation. There were a LOT of complaints that the boulder (now a meteor) and coconut weren't affected, so he did a really cool job of fixing that. Try turning the island upside-down with the meteor, watch it drop off..turn it back right side up and it comes back!

And today marks week 2 in the number one spot! We can't believe we're still up there as our expectations have been more than exceeded! Thanks everybody for the fantastic word of mouth. I'm still playing catch up this week but will make an effort to read through all the most recent comments. We've definitely created a monster with the blog/facebook/youtube/flickr accounts and its a lot for us to keep up on. We really appreciate your participation! -A


  1. Thanks for the update! Its great. I have one question though, what does the icon in between the shark and mute button do? I can't figure it out

  2. awesome job with the gravity... I really like the menu idea, freaking genius makes kicking the pygmies a lot easier during class so you don't make it obvious :P great job, Bolt Creative. :]

  3. yey first..."hint from fail blog". this going to be the update with the eclipse. and was i the one who actually gave you the idea? that would be kinda cool lol

  4. I wonder how this episode 10 update is going to turn out, obviously Dracula is coming to the island, but how, and for how long? is he just gonna be a 6th islander, or is
    he going to come in a certain way....iTunes must be extremely busy, it takes a week to approve an update from the #1 bought app!!! that is extremely insane!!! this app should be the first one to look at, but obviously it's not to them.......I hope this app comes out at the end of the week instead of early next, I can't wait for this new one.....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

  5. wont update for some reason ive been trying all day. it says "this item is currently being modified" when i try to install the update

  6. I found a bug in the new update. If it's not a bug it doesn't matter. Either way this shouldn't happen. When you turn off the lightening cloud you should not be able to still swipe it back on the screen and have it reactivate in the menu again. That doesn't happen with the gravity on/off switch. Please fix this. If I turn it off it should stay off until I reactivate it in the menu regardless of whether I swipe the sky or not.

  7. Hey I love this game and just wanted to adress a small I wouldn't say problem but I dont about you all but when I throw the islanders around it would be nice when they are thrown while there still in the air you could catch them agai. Lime now when I pick one up and slide up and let gothey go upwards it would be nice to catch them again when they fall down. thanks just giving some advice lol

  8. I love this app!
    Some people have been complaining about how the shark is how to drop on them... Its because a simple update, gravity! It now affects the shark which means even the slightest tilt could make the shark miss. Therefore use the episode 9 update to turn gravity when using the shark feature!

    Cant wait this dracula type thing.

    P.S. Dont keep us waiting to long

  9. Great update. I love the fact that I can now used the shark to bash the islanders into the sea!

    One thing though, in the previous episode, I was able to drop the shark onto an islander and get him eaten.

    This doesn't appear to work anymore (and I've tried a lot of times). Even when the shark falls directly in front of an islander, nothing happens.

    Is this a bug or has it become harder to drop the shark?

    Also, I like the menu but maybe its disclosure triangle could be located top right of the screen? Right now, it's a little too close to the '+' button.

  10. Ok, scratch my shark bug: I restarted the app and now it happily lands on islanders and eats then, just like it used to :-)

    My comment on the menu still stands though: as far as I'm concerned, it would be better on the right when the question mark used to be.

    Oh and I can confirm Rob Antonelli's weather bug.

  11. OK, real sorry about the multiple posts, but I've isolated the bug:

    1. start pocket god and play around: lifting shark up and dropping it on islanders works
    2. make a sunset, the islanders are happy.
    3. during the sunset, the shark cannot eat an islander when you drop it on them
    4. get back to the day setting and the islanders are still immune to shark drops.

  12. pocket god is the best app nowonder it is number 1 app i wonder what will be new in the new one

  13. Hey, love this app. I found a few bugs. If you lift the ipod to the side, so its facing vertical, the islanders will slide off the island, but once they reach the edge of the screen, they jsut kinda float on the edge. Also, if you pick up and islander or the meteor while the island is vertical and then drop them, tehy just kinda levitate in mid air. I also agree with the comment above about note being able to flick the lightning on if you have it set ass "off" in the menu. Thanks

  14. I bough Pocket God about 1 1/2 weeks ago and I don't want to miss it on my iPod touch.

    Thank you a lot for all the time you put in this App :).

  15. Awesome work guys, I love the update. I really like being able to turn off certain things as I go, or turn them back on. One question... As far as feeding the shark (as opposed to feeding the islanders) you can dangle the pygmy with no issue, but not so with the shark. He now only knocks them off the island or bonks his nose, no running around with a shark on their head. Was this intentional or just a side effect of being able to use the shark as a baseball bat?

    Anyway... great work, I can't wait to see the new update. =) Best 99 cents I've ever spent. EVER.

  16. I appear to have just lost my comment... guess I should sign in first. *sigh*

    Moving on...

    Long live Pocket God! I love this app. Best 99 cents I've ever spent. Thank you, thank you, thank you for updating every week. It's really the highlight of my week when I have new ways to tormen... er... entertain my pygmies. =D

    One question, don't know if it's a bug or not, but I noticed when feeding the shark (as opposed to feeding the pygmies) that you can still dangle the pygmy, but you can't dangle the shark anymore. He either knocks them off the island, or just bonks his nose and drops back into the water. Was this intentional or an unitended side effect of making the shark into a baseball bat?

    Anyway... thank you for updating every week, you guys rock. Looking forward to the "hi Dracula". =)

  17. Not a big fan of the triangle in the sky. Could you make it a small dot in the bottom corner somewhere ? the Plus should be there also, imo. The sky should be totally clear of obvious computer elements.

    Also, could you make an option to turn off the music so I could play my own music ? I have some killer Hawaiian guitar music that would be awesome !!

    Love this little ap !!

  18. Thanks Steve. And I definitely like the idea of re triankge being on right side. Simply because it is too close to the plus sign and also because when you guys decide to build off of the plus sign (ie more islanders or what have you) there won't be any room. Our way will allow for two menus that can be popped open one for the triangle to manipulate god power and the other for the plus to manipulate the islander types and characteristics or whatever you gents are planning to do. Good job nonetheless!

  19. try also to get a myspace,
    people need to know everywhere!
    the app is amazing my friends steal my itouch just to play it lol