Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Slow News Week

Still waiting for Fun 'N Games to be approved! We sent it in last Tuesday. Not sure what the hang up is. Maybe its because of the WWDC going on? Anyway. We've got Episode 20 ready when Episode 19 gets approved!

There are a few WWDC get-togethers tonight Dave and I are going to check out. Dave is part of a panel about Feint...and then there's an iPhone Launch Party. Not to mention Apple Europe party. You gotta love social events where everyone has their iPhone out twittering.

So, in the mean time, check out this cool video made by 5JUsername:


  1. I thought you guys hadnt done episode 20 yet? Itsnt stop! My app is on fire! Episode 19? Just querying because im starting to get confused now.

    Please clarify thanks.

  2. doesnt matter i got it, but do you know that it says surfs up is episode 17 on the app store description.

  3. I found another glitch if you skewer the Pygmy then go to the surface the Pygmy will freeze at the bottom then drown or just stay there

  4. give us some spoilers for next update stopmy app is on fire

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