Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jackie Button Released Today!

Finally, the Jackie Button is released! Jackie Martling used to be head-writer for the Howard Stern show and currently has a weekly show on Sirius. Dave and I are Howard Stern fans, so when Dave told me Jackie approached him to put his jokes on the app store in January, I told him to go for it! To give people an idea of the timing, this was when we first released Pocket God, and we hadn't even updated it for the first time yet so we had NO idea what was coming next. Who knew PG would take off? Or it would take so long to get the Jackie button approved by Apple? At the time we were just hoping to get a foothold in the app store!

From Dave's post on Touch Arcade:
"So, here's the deal about the Tuesday release. everyone knows that the appstore is all about which list you are on. We are going to be doing a ton of promotion on Tuesday to attempt a big blockbuster launch of the application. If you are a fan of Pocket God and want to help us out, a fan of the Howard Stern Show and want to see why they rip on the Joke Master, or just a fan of some awesome jokes, help us out by spreading the word and helping us to sell 1000 of these things on Tuesday."

>> Read the rest of his post here <<
>> Click here for the iTunes page! <<

You can also see what you're info by visiting Jackie's Jokeland. Thanks for all the support everyone!


  1. I want to hear about the next update please. You guys rock!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog magman1997. Pocket God rules!!!!!!!! PS if anyone wants to know the secret Easter egg from the Pygmys strike back, then check out my second to latest post(the really long one). It will be at the bottom of the post. PG rocks!!!!!!!!!! PPS sorry if this is irreligent guys, I just couldn't think of another way to get the message out. :)

  3. will it take apple so long to approve the next update and you know you like pocket god

  4. In the new update when I try to use the fishing pole on the volcano island it just sits there and can't be used...

  5. I downloaded it and was the first person on the UK app store to review it. I gave it 5 stars cos it rocks and hope this wil get people from the UK to get it. Please can you make a menu to select a joke without having to set it as a button. Also the application cover isnt very good. I think itlll put people off with that guy just stood there. Anyway thanks for the great app. Will im a PC come out?

  6. My son is 6 years old, and loves Pocket God (I love it as well). I recently found an email he typed out on my phone to you guys:

    To: Pocket makers

    I Love new pocket god plese wll
    You peple make a new pocket god

    And the day after he 'sent' this email, there was an update available! Needless to say, he wants to write you letters every day now. Keep up the good work!

  7. I was expecting the jackie button to be free. :(

  8. Is conquering the T-rex the only achivement? because it's the only one coming... I've accually managed to get the coconut to jump 7 times (I counted) at the pygmies head, but can't seem to find it anywhere... also I managed to get 5 pygmies on the speardthingy in the underwateworld, nothing there either..

    PS! had to reinstall pocketgod... the problem was that PG only loaded, I waited for 20 minutes and it hadn't begin...I also had to double-click the menubutton to get to the musicsection and then press the menubutton again to get back... to I think it was PG that was ruined... the problem came a few days after I downloaded return of the Pygmy, and remained after surfs up.. so I reinstalled it... works fine now.

    you should really get some more stuff in the underwaterworld. srsly..

  9. It passes the same with mine, in the first and second island the fishing pole sitts there and it can´t be used or took it, and another bug I watch is when you put the storm. When you make a hurracane, I pushed the red stone in the rock that says: you love pocket god..., 3 times and the pygmies dissapear in the hurracane, I wait like 3 seconds and it passes that they fell down like they spirits hahaha muajajaja