Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PG on Cold Hard Flash

Aaron Simpson, the premier flash animation blogger of Cold Hard Flash, mentioned us on his blog! He's blogged my Flash projects a bunch of times but I wasn't sure if he'd put an iPhone app, even though the art and animation is produced in Flash. He'd probably be interested to know, that his info is a little dated now. Dave has created a system that captures timeline animations and translates them to xml (rather than me entering them by hand)...which gave us the ability to animate large and complex items like the dinosaur or the tsunami using Flash!

>> Read the Cold Hard Flash post here <<

Thanks, Aaron!

P.S. There is some confusion about episodes....part of that is because the version number is one less than the episode (1.0 was episode one). In retrospect, we should have called the first release Episode ZERO. But the recent list Ep 18 - Surf's up Ep 19: Fun 'n Games Until A Pygmy Gets Hurt and Ep 20: Stop! My App is on Fire! (which is 1.17, 1.18, 1.19, confusing I know!)


  1. Can you tell us all more about the next update with the bonfire? Thanks yes or no. :)

  2. that is just like how the 20th century was teh 1900's or 21st century was the 2000's ect., ect.

  3. BigShark

    I only say its of the best games and you 2 have to make an story mode or that will be the next app... the little secret??? All the people that make bad reviews are because thre is no a story mode!!!
    all the bad reviews say:
    I only entertain for 2 minutes, then I get bored
    you could make this app an entertaiment and game app!!!
    So.. why dont you think on that allan? ok if you 2 dont decide for doing that please said it to me

  4. i had an idea for a story mode.. i made a freewebs site and made a huge list of ideas for pocket god, so far no one has clicked the link which disappoints me.

  5. I wonder why there is no update. Not only PG but in the last 6 days i didn't had any update. I dont know why but that could explain why the update of PG doesnt come through

  6. Please don't make a story mode you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! I love having the freedom of doing whatever you want without having to unlock anything!!!!!!!! Story mode would just ruin that!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that would make me and many other Pocket God fans that I conversed with very sad!!!! :( The entire idea of Pocket God is that you are in control of everything. A story mode forces you to do this and makes you do that. What fun would that be with Pocket God?A story mode for this game would be like this: NEW MISSION: MAKE YOUR ISLANDERS CATCH A FISH. How borring is that? Please strongly consider NOT making a story mode.

  7. I think you should make boys and girls that could go into the toilet and then love hearts would float in the air. Afterwards the girl comes out with a baby in her hand (the girl cant be killed)and the baby could grow into a new pygmy!But you could only have a limited amount babies so the island isnt over cramped. Another idea is that instead of turning straight in to adults they go through stages e.g toddlers teenagers

  8. Since the last update I really have difficulty with flicking the dudes into the volcano without setting off the tsunami. Anyone else having this problem?

  9. Babies? I don't know, that implies too much if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Not only would THAT be in Pocket God, but it would make it take a longer time to get new pygmies. Plus, how would anyone feel when the babies got attacked by the vampire, eaten by the T-rex, skewered underwater, hit with magma, or anything worse. And I already explained what would be wrong with having female pygmies on the island in my comment on the post right before this. Anyway, I just wanted to point out a few issues with it to make sure that nothing dangerous for the public buyers of Pocket God socially.
    PS: I'm not trying to be nosey or anything, but I would sort of like to know why it took so long to get my new comment posted and why you guys haven't given us the heads up on anything about Pocket God. If it was just a slow news week then you guys would have posted fan art right? To tell you the truth, I got pretty worried until I saw these two new comments. :)

  10. I'm curious but are all of the app updates on hold until OS 3.0, on Friday?

  11. how do i post artwork to you bolt?
    because i have made some really good stuff i wanna show you?

  12. i love pocket god and i thought it would be cool to make a version of it for on your computer

    1. is this okay with you?
    2. could i get the you know you like pocket god audio?
    3. if you would like i could post the game i have so far

  13. zach here again if you wish to contact me here is my email:


  14. OH MY GOD:D i just got an idea!:D
    when you are under water, just press and hold one (or two, so that it will be more easy to controll it, and so that you dont trigger it when you don't want to) finger(s) anywhere on the screen. twirl your finger(s) around to make a stream that makes the pygmies fly around in the water:D

    Please concider my idea because you should get more stuff to do in the underwaterworld