Friday, June 19, 2009

PopZara Talks to Dave

Dave is really in demand lately! Brittany Vincent at grills Dave. It contains some new info about how we might integrate some 3.0 functionality. We've recently discovered we can use some features without everyone upgrading to 3.0 firmware, which is good news. I know this will cause a bunch of panicky comments, so let me reiterate by quoting Dave:
"We also want to make it clear that we will not be abandoning users that are still using the old firmware. We will still support firmware 2.2 until over 95% of our user base has made the transition to 3.0."

The one question I thought was hilarious is that they ask what is on his iPhone/iPod besides Pocket God builds and unmentionables. Unmentionables? LOL. Recently, my phone broke and Dave lent me an iPod Touch and haven't found any unmentionables, but I'll look again before I return it! (Getting my new phone today)

>> Read Dave's interview at Popzara <<

And by the way...I just went to YouTube and saw some negative comments on Pocket God Boy...Don't be a hater because you aren't the god of Pocket God! :)


  1. "And by the way...I just went to YouTube and saw some negative comments on Pocket God Boy...Don't be a hater because you aren't the god of Pocket God! :)"

    You know what? It's probably because it's the crap gunking up YouTube.

  2. Big Shark
    woooow that was really interesting... woooow you guys make great things!
    I have a question.
    Allan, what is the red star in the night in Pocket God?
    Oo and I want to know of the episode 21!! have you two already decide what will be?
    can you say it to Us?
    PLEASE!!!! that makes me more excited for the next update!!!

  3. since the new iphone software update is outn, i think that you should start thinking about making the game multiplayer, and more customizable, so here are some suggestions:
    being able to invite a tribe from another device to your island, so that you can interact with other people's islanders and stuff like that... ("Allan" wants to play PG with "Dave", so he sends a request to Dave asking him if he and his tribe want to come over to Allan's island, and if Dave accepts, he goes to Allan's island and now they can both play PG tougher...)
    and with that, you could start adding items to customize your island, so that yours its different from everybody else's...
    then u can think about making PG $1.99
    thanks for making such a nice app and I'll look forward for my ideas to be included... keep it up

  4. Hey Blot Creative! I love this blog so much, it really keeps you up to date on how the app is going. My one problem with it is the design. I know you are very busy building updates for the game, but the blog doesn't look very good. The header almost looks like it was made on paint. I would like to re-design the blog very much if you would let me. I have been designing many website's CSS for at least two years If you would like to see some of my designing work please go to If you would let me design the blog please contact me at

  5. that's really cool of you guys to wait for people to switch to 3.0.....
    and i have a suggestion instead of using the spear for fighting the dinosaur only, you should be able to use it to hunt for fishes, use it against the ants and against the vampire...
    and also you could fry the egg in the fire....
    well thanks for listening to my ideas thanks

  6. First Comment

    You know you like pocket god!

  7. I seriously cannot believe you actually like what that kid did. He did a terrible job with chroma keying, and made a stupid video. And to top it off, you don't bother promoting the Pocket God Glitch Guides i make every update (if you looked in the related videos section, it is almost always there if you are on a pocket god related video or pocket god glitch video, so i know you must of seen it) and work so hard on, or the video of all different downloadable Pocket God wallpapers i made. I am truly disappointed in you, Allan and Dave.

  8. R~S Sorry if I let you down....I am not trying to! The blog is my "additional duty" so I don't always catch all the stuff going on. I guess if something is particularly weird, it catches my attention. Dave emailed me and explained the error of my ways.

    the glitch guide is fantastic and I finally blogged it!

    Santiago...i actually have had that idea for a while! We're working on it. right now we're working on "challenges" which will allow people to challenge each other to beat pocket god achievements. but as it evolves, maybe we can work that in!
    lyonx...thanks for the offer (sniffs a little at you not liking my blog design)....the blog could use a true! We've actualy received SEVERAL offers to revamp it. (sniffs again) I'll check your stuff out!

  9. I have seen a read star at night on Pocket God and I'm wondering wait does it do

  10. No, you don't see my point, the blog design is great. I just think you could make it better then it is now. For example, I made this header a few minutes ago:
    Tell me how you like it.

  11. Dave, Thanks for blogging about the PGGGs and replying to my comment. Anyway, its not like we can tell you what to like and not like, just make sure to pay attention to people that actually work hard on their videos/graphics/whatnot. This kid you blogged about looks like he didnt even try. *sigh* Oh, and if you get a chance, check out the website ( ) i try to update it with glitches whenever i can, but it needs some cleaning done to it.

  12. lyonx, that blog header is AMAZING! if only you could make one for the PGGG website :D