Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Dave Report

I went over to Dave's house yesterday to play video games with him. Were we slacking off? Not was for research on our next project...but i'm still not telling what it is. We were trying to play a specific type of game, but we couldn't get any of his consoles (the ones where he owned the right type of game..he's got several)...had an issue. Battery was out on a controller on one, a disk went bad on the other, another console just decided to go kablooey. It was quite comical and Dave got as frazzled as I've ever seen him...the whole time I'm just playing with his dog and cats. In the end we decided it was all my fault because any electronic device I go near seems to go bad. I think he doesn't want me to come over to his house any more.

Anyway, what a bust! But we at least got some other work done, including deciding on designs for the new project and working out the next Pocket God update, which he hints at in his Touch Arcade Post.

>>Read Dave's Touch Arcade Post Here <<

By the way, we want to send a big shout out to APPMODO. They have been keeping up with the Pocket God updates on their fantastic site. Thanks guys!

(oh, and thanks Alex Winzenread for the cool animation!)


  1. Ok heres a weird one for u. When ur on the 1st island make a hurricane then use the statue they all die but then fall from the sky and into the water as ghosts... Dont know if this is intended...

  2. It would be interesting if you guys could eventually expand a bit more on the vampire idea. Maybe giving the vampire pygmy a little more power, when fighting the dinosaur for instance. Also, the fishing could be more varied, allowing for tropical creatures to be fished. Excellent idea, and great app.

  3. This update sounds great for such a quick one. I have one problem with pocket god: My feint is not working. It used to work, then it stopped, then it started working again, and now it will not load. Whenever I start feint (with full wifi connection) it comes up with an error message after about a minute. Please fix this because I really liked the chat and the leaderboards.
    I also have one glitch to report. If you flick a pygmy into the ocean on the first island, then quickly start a tsunami, when you go back up to the island, the islander will (sometimes) stand up in the ocean and act as a normal pygmy would on the island (except he is smaller and you cannot interact with him or remove him excep by exiting the app). It actually looks pretty cool though so don't make it a priority glitch to fix.
    I also have some suggestions:
    -make it so when you go underwater the shark is there and also the trex if it was there when you created the tsunami
    -make more islands
    -make an unlockable area behind the statue underwater that unlocks if you spear four or five pygmys at once (you can choose the number)
    -make your content from different updates interact such as if the trex eats a vampire he becomes a vampire trex or if the shark hits the trex they battle and stuff like that

  4. Here's a glitch for you age the big wave comes the second you see the little spear guy thing press on it right away and it won't work until you go up to dry land and back down

  5. can you post the icon for v 1.18?

  6. Hey Molebobby14, you can save the icon off of the app store. Just look up Pocket God on search, look at the profile, and find the picture. It will be a Pygmy that looks like he is hula dancing or something underwater. Just press your finger down on the picture until a blurb comes up saying "Save Picture?". You're welcome. :)

  7. I wanted to bring it to people's attention that I have made my mark on the Pocket God leader boards. I have achieved the status of having two seventh place ranks. One in Skewered! and the other in Hurricane drown. I am also currently in the teens of Loving
    Pocket God (I'm not sure what exactly, so I said teens). I have been working on it really hard and reached this point literally over-night (glitch free of course). I LOVE POCKET GOD!!!!!!!!! PS: If anyone wants to see if they are ranked higher than me, then you can use this clue to discover my identity. CLUE: D.V. PPS: Have you Pocket God gods thought about my idea? I want to know what you think!!!!!!! PPPS: You guys do remember that it involves alien abduction right? PPPPS: When are you guys going to submit the next PG update? I WANT TO KNOW PLEASE!!!!!!!! :)

  8. the icon for ep 18 gets posted as davecazz' profile picture in twitter before at this blog... that's just bad.. you should update the blog more frequently.
    I can't wait for the ep 19 with fire included:D

    btw, the tsunami wasn't exactly how I imagined it, but it'll work... more stuff on the underwaterworld plz

  9. Hi, this is Alex!

    Oh my God, I had NO IDEA you guys would put this on the Pocket Blog! I saw this on my iPod on the bus and started screaming, "I'M ON THE POCKET BLOG!!" Thank you guys so much, you rock!

  10. I am having a problem with feint. Yesterday I was playing, of course, Pocket God and I wanted to check my rankings on the leaderboard. Well I opened it up and it booted me out of Pocket God completely. I opened it again and I was logged out of feint. I tried to log in again and it said that my email log-in was never used before and to make a new account. So I tried making a new account with my email, but it said my email was already being used for an account(most obviously mine). I quadrupal checked that I typed it and my password correctly. I would like suggestions on how I could fix this in any way(other than making a new email address because I already thought of that, and I really don't know if I could keep track of it). HELP!!!!!!!!!! :(

  11. I want to thank pocketgodreporter for checking out my blog and for giving support to my alien idea. (I have no other way of contacting him/her so I came to Pocket God for assistance) PS: does anyone else like my alien idea for Pocket God? :)

  12. Alex! No, thank you! Great job! Going to be an animator some day? Sted...I let Dave use the latest icon on his twitter but i definitely hold it aside until the release date. Not really sure why. I guess I didn't realize I was on a strict schedule to update the margin :) Puppylover: Great job! Fake&emacdude: not sure about those glitches. It might be one of the many reported to Dave that he fixed on this next update.

  13. Hello Bolt Creative,
    You may have seen my name on reviews or my pocket god video. And now I have an update idea for you. Me and my friend have thought of everything possible and have done the 2 best ideas.

    1. All Rapped Up!
    This Episode will contain a spider. What you do is you draw somewhere on air and then it makes a web. You pick up a islander and put him in the web. Now he is stuck. Then you draw a part around him so he's officially trapped. Then a BIG Spider comes out and it sucks the blood out of the islander. The islander turns pale and shrivels up and disappears with the web and spider.

    2. Lost in Space
    In this episode you can switch the place into Space. The islanders are now floating in space and have no where to go. You can flick them into the sun and they burn up or make a black hole by spinning your finger around on the screen and the blkac hole creates, they get sucked into it. You can also grab astroids and then flick it at the islander and they get stuck on it and fly off the screen with the astroid.

    By: Ian And Joseph.

  14. I love pocket god, it's a very entertaining app.

    But, the new update was bit dissapointing. I love the fact that you can go underwater, but why is it so lifeless? There is already two water creautures, why can't we see them underwater?

    It would also be nice too take the dinosaur underwater.

    And along with the underwater idea, you should add a few more sea creatures (which all would be seen unerwater as well)