Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun 'n Games Until A Pygmy Gets Hurt is out!

About time! Thanks for everyone's patience. In this update, we will now track achievements. How many times can you bounce a coconut off the pygmies head before it hits the ground? How many Pygmies can you hit with lightning while maintaining a hurricane? There isn't anything in the way of new god powers or animals, but this was something we wanted to integrate so we also used this light update to address a bunch of glitches that have been reported.

Also you might notice it takes two fingers to move the ocean or sky. This was so you didn't accidentally trigger the tsunami when flicking pygmies into the volcano, or change the weather when generating a hurricane. But due to extensive belated feedback from the beta testers, is gonna change. Dave found a much better solution. Hopefully everyone can bear with us!

Due to the delay...we've already submitted the next update "Stop! My App is on Fire!" last night. More on that later.


  1. yay! I also see a red star on the far left of the night sky, meteor anyone?

  2. Where can we get a full list of what acheivements there are to get? I didn't know about the hurricane one... I figured out bowling, coconuts, and skewering... Any others?

  3. I'm very excited for this new update and the next. I got Pocket God about a week ago, and since then I have become addicted to it. Everywhere from the parking lot to the dentists waiting room, whenever I have a chance, I have fun playing god.

    I've had an idea for a HUGE update, like 2.1 or something. (You could call it book two, episode one?) Basically, as someone else had already suggested, there would be two new islands. One would be a "village", and in it you could pick up tools - like hammers or something - maybe some instruments -like drums or pipes - and a small suply of weapons - such as a spear or throwing torch.

    With these tools and instruments, you could have a more social, gifting kind of godhood, for peacemaking types of people. But with the weapons, there could be some real fun.

    There could be a large new island, bigger then the others you've made, which you would have to pinch/spread to zoom in or out to see the whole place. There could be little NPC vikings, which try to knock the oogi into the water, like the vampires. With your weapons from the village, you could fight back!

    This whole thing would require tons of programming and new art, so It's not really a realistic idea. But I think the idea of a village, with tools you can use on different islands in different ways would be very cool. So maybe you can think about a way to simplify the problems with it?

    Thanks for hearing me out, and I'm off to try and earn some achievments!

  4. This is a good idea to release the next one right after, cause there's not much in this release, well except lightning 6 flying oogs is a challenge.

    But the two finger idea for both sky and sea, it's like my mind and pocket god are linked, I was just thinking about it.

    Though when touching the sky with two fingers, meaning one wants to change the weather, you should prevent the lightning bolt to occur.

    And oh yes, please create a forum !

  5. Heyy Dave;

    Thanks for the app!

    sice we are all waiting for the next update,

    How about you look at my picture i made;

  6. Ummm am i the only one who had to redownload the app? I was very upset and i lost all my data. : (

  7. hey, Dancammic, I also saw that red star on the sky and wanted to check the comments if anyone had seen it, we're the only one it seems:p

    what does it do, Allan, or Dave...?

  8. Big Shark

    I think it will be so cool if in PG there is -snow and rain, that will make the ground different
    with snow: the ground starts having some snow and the ground starts frozing!!! an ice age!!!
    with rain: the ground starts converting into mud!!!

    that will help the update 20
    when you put down the temperature they start having cold and if the don´t receive the hot of the wood on fire, they froze as an ice cube and they can´t move. only they eyes until you make fell down with the gravity or you warm the island and when you warm up the island too much the pygmies become confused and some water fells from themselves.


  9. The idea of mini game achievements is a good one, but the only one that really never gets completed to it's entirety is the lightning on hurricanes one, because you can keep adding pygmies to the swirling tornado. Please take some time to think about mini games that will never get old.

    PS: the bowling noe is cool, but after you get 6 you cant do anymore.

  10. I like The Sock's enthuseasm, but I think he/she (sorry, I just can't tell from your name) is getting too excited here. I'm pretty sure that the tools idea wouldn't work out. Same with the other stuff. I'm sorry, I just can't see it. Good brainstorming though. :)
    PS: Oh great gods of Pocket God, what is up with the red dot in the sky? Does it have something to do with alien abduction? And how do we, if we can, trigger the red dot?

  11. Hey. Like the update, exactly what I expected. The next update sounds big and fun.
    I noticed a red planet in the nighttime sky, would that be ep. 21? something to do with aliens? I am pretty sure that wasn't there before. Tell me plz!!!

  12. Is Pocket God compatible with iPhone FW3.0?
    I am going to update, but i am afraid to lose my richest fountain of entertainment on the bored hours.

  13. So far I have;
    6 Max Bowled
    6 Max Hurricane Lightning
    6 Max Skewered
    31 Max Coconut Bounces
    27 Max Shark Snaps
    11 Conquered T-Rex. :)

    By the way, you made the sky a LOT prettier at night. Theres like a red star, more glowing ones, they shine nicer, and like three combined on the right side. LOL plus theres a star right on the middle spike of the statue.

  14. I've been playing pocket god since it first released and i love it! However, i do have a suggestion to make this a better game. Maybe we can have the option to change the sex of the pygmies. I have some female friend whom i want to put in the game but i feel weird if i would to put them in the game as the pygmies are all males.

  15. Just to let you know, on daves twitter he said " That the red star has no greater meaning" so dont get too excited over that.

  16. yea i oso see the red star thingy?does anyone knows wat it does?

  17. I'm sure there will be more to do with the red star in a later episode. Keep checking back on it!

    @Puppy lover, I did reread it and agree, the sheer amount of programming that would go into it, not to mention the sheer clunkyness of the whole would make it difficult to transfer from words to app. However...

    I still believe the idea of some sort of place, be it an island or a tab on the top menu, where you can pull down different tools for them to use. Instruments I would especually like to see implanted, but you could put nearly all the current tools in there as well.

    For instance, the tab on the original island that can bring out the boulder, ants or fishing rod could be changed to just the boulder and ants. The fishing rod would be removed from both islands, and placed in a "tool tab", from which you could pull it out at any time, which acts as a "gift".

    Other tools, such as possibly the wood from the next update, those instruments I want to see, and maybe the spear and other, yet to be seen objects could be added as well. It would take them out of island activity tabs, and make a more generalized "gift" tab.

    Of course, for more fun loving types, I'm sure they could find a way to missuse the objects. Maybe chuck the spear at your own pygmy, or use the wood to knock them about.

    The idea is still a little clunky, but it might be worth consideration and further refinment. Who knows.

    As for sooner to be seen updates, I have a feeling that Anony's tempurature idea (though not all that original ;) ) will be the episode after fire.

    The one after that, perhaps more underwater stuff? They left us kind of hanging with the strange ruins and "what is it guarding" line. Many people seem to be vying for another Trex style squid/octopus encounter, but I'm hoping for something more unique. Here's my idea.

    You use your finger to pry loose that bottom stone, which looks a bit like a platform. Once you get rid of the last stone, the trap is sprung. A maelstrom begins to suck the pygmy's down. What's more, if the pocket god makers go really all out, there could be flying debry also being sucked down, which will hit and knockout pygmies.

    If you don't save them, some of them might grab hold of the ground just outside the maelstrom and servive, like the gravity tilting sacrifice. The rest would be sucked in and be sacrificed. Once the maelstrom has calmed, there would be a muddy bottom. If you're feeling kind, and if there are pygmies still alive, you can use your finger to 'dig', and possibly uncover a treasure chest, the updates gift. What the chest would do, I have no idea.

    Well, there you go. My two long, crazy ideas. Hope you like them!

  18. Hey pocket god
    Wats up with d red star in d sky i thought it mite of been an easter egg or somtin
    Also i hav a gd idea 4 a new minigame ( how many islanders can u flick into d volcano in a row ) hope u add it i tink it would b gd
    Also i tink wen u go under water d shark shud go down as well n eat som of dem lol n a group of fish shud swim by

  19. Hey pocket god
    Wats up with da red star in da sky i thought it mite of been an easter egg buy im not sure
    Also i got a idea for a new minigame ( how many islanders can u flick into da volcano in a row ) hope u add it
    Wen the islanders go under water da shark shud b able to attack dem lol n a group of fish shud swim by aswell
    N dere shud b more types of food 4 dem like apples bananas etc

  20. I have a great idea for Pocket God. One would be is that if you hit a tree three or any amount of times a large spider comes down and you can pick it up by its thread and drop it on an unsuspecting pygmy. Another idea is a takeoff from The Sock's 2nd idea. When you bring the treasure chest up from the underwater area it could be an egg. After dropping it a various amount of times, it could crack open and be a terrifying bird that eventually nests on a pygmies head when asleep.

  21. why is there a red dot in the night sky

  22. I really need to know how to flick Pygmies into the valcano! D: