Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dave interviewed on App Advice

I know I know. i have no idea what is taking so long but Apple is taking wayyyy too long to approve our last update! It must be WWDC consumed their time. We aren't able to submit the fire update until Fun 'n Games has gone through! I'm currently working on episode for everyone who thought we'd stop at 20, nope! This is the first time I'm working on graphics this far ahead (really thanks to delays at Apple) but I still feel ahead for the fist time in a while! Dave and I are also making headway on the next project, so dont' worry....we're still working hard!

Well, to keep the blog from stagnating, i thought I'd post an interview with Dave on

>> Read the App Advice interview here <<


  1. Hey guys,
    I just started an amazing blog on game reviews and my first review was on Pocket God.

    Please check out my blog @!

    You KNOW you like Pocket God!!!!

  2. hey allan joeldeak here from YouTube one of your subscribers and I think you should do two updates in one so everyone does not start moaning about seeing the fire update oh and I hope you liked my artwork I sent in
    to your boltcreative email address oh and I've allways wondered were did you get the catchy name from? anyway hope you liked my artwork and hope you could post it on this blog bye : )

  3. Some things I wanted to say/ask:

    1.I'd really love the idea with the whirlpool underwater. You could take the same animation as the hurricane
    2.Don't make updates with babys or genders, because we want new ways to kill the Pygmoogs (i like this name ;D) and not such things. When you do it WITH new ways to kill them than it would be ok!
    3.What is the WWDC?
    4.Please, could you make it possible that when the outhouse is switch on and you create a hurricane than the door would fly away and when a pygmoog is in there he would hold his hand on that one place ;) and then would fly away.

    So, I hope you read this comment and please awnser me on my least


    PS:I forgot something, please make that the shark can also swim underwater. That would be sooooooooooooooooooo funny

  4. I like this guy's thinking. But I don't know about Pygmoogs. It just sounds weird to me. :)

  5. I think u should put an octopus in the underwater place, that would be awesome

  6. since apple is still reviewing pocket god, and you guys have a LOT of time, maybe its time to add more idle animations, some added features(for vampire or t-rex) and probably another cool easter egg...

    [make a jurassic park scene!(the one with the outhouse and the trex!)]