Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Appmodo Talks To Dave

Another interview. In this one, Dave talks about the Apple Review Process which is on everyone's mind right now!

>> Read Appmodo Interview with Dave <<

As a lot of people are pointing out in the comments, the delay is due to the huge influx of apps submitted that are tested for 3.0. Ours is tested for 3.0 as well....but as Dave points out in the above interview, there seems to be a little favoritism going on in the app store....perhaps with apps specifically using 3.0 functionality.

And I also noticed in the comments there's a question what "dropping the kids off at the pool" means in the leaderboards. We gotta do something about having a testing leaderboard so we don't confuse people like that! But it does NOT have to do with the Tsunami folks. In fact...its considered a "gift" and it has to do with the second island.

In the mean time, Dave and I are working on a new update (Stop My App is On Fire has been ready for days)...and due to some vacation time coming up are trying to get ahead of the updates so we can still do regular updates during this time.

So, just to be clear. Our update "Fun 'n Games" is in the queue. Also in the Queue is the Creeps with the Pocket God easter egg! I guess I should have held off on the posting until it was actually approved!


  1. Big shark

    that was very nice interview!!!
    Oh I have noticed a bug but it´s to difficult to say: When you drag the pygmy into the volcano, if you put 2 fingers the pygmy gos to the right corner so quickly.

    I have a question:
    Are you two going to mix the update 20 and 21? because there have pass 2 weeks...

    You should make for the episode 21:
    -More things for the ocean part.
    a)shark underwater
    b)fishes underwater
    c)A whale!!!
    b)a drunk ship
    -A new island where the pygmies discover the agriculture!!!

    thank you for hearing me
    greetings for you Allan and Dave!

  2. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the update's out. Can't wait for the fire one!

  3. And after 1 week and 2 days, 1.18 is FINALLY out! :]

  4. New Episode is Up as of Midnight.

  5. as of june 17 9:13 the pocket god update is out

  6. I may have already said this but, as of June 17 9:13 pm fun and games until a pygmie gets hurt is out

  7. Thank you very much for your time Dave!

    Episode 19 was also blogged this evening at

  8. I got the new update lastnight!! at like 12 in the morning! :) It's awesome!!


  10. so is the pocket good , creeps out now or what