Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bait Master approved!

Should take an hour or two to go through, but Bait Master went through in time for the weekend! In case you haven't heard, this update has a mechanic much like Harbor Master (or Flight Control of course)...this time with piranhas! We planned this crossover promotion with Imangi Studios....who will have Pygmies swimming in side Harbor Master!

For our app, bring up the Tsunami...and then in the underwater area, you will see the Harbor Master Anchor. Touch it and lift it to create the clanking noise that calls the piranhas. Draw a line from the piranha to the pygmy to feed the piranha. Just avoid two piranhas colliding, or they will fight and end the game. Its kind of easy at first but as you go it gets harder and more chaotic. The big difference in this game play is that you can arrange and add Pygmies as you go, so you can formulate strategies around those abilities.

We are close to submitting Idle Hands 2, and I will announce the winners as soon as I can. There is a reason I haven't announced the winners yet, but I'll explain later.

Thanks everyone for all the awesome birthday wishes yesterday. I meant to post this cool graphic from the Pocket God by Yffum. Really great! And if you haven't gone to the Pocket God Forums, click here now!


  1. happy b-day but i love the game and my ipod is broke so why don't u make pocket god online it would be cool because u still had to buy it on itunes if u wanted it portable and for people who dont know what it is like they could play it online and even tho its free and at home they will eventually be dieing for it portable so u will still make sales

  2. Yay!!!! The update is great and I'm glad it is out!!!! :)

  3. there is a glitch in the update. all my scores on feint were erased and the only thing i have unlocked is the serve 1 pygmy to piranha. i try to get back all my other scores but it wont work.

  4. hopefully my websites next!

  5. Yay! first comment love the update cant wait till bug clean up and idle hands

  6. So it's official. I hate you guys. JK, major JK. But the least you could do is tell us the winners of the contest!

  7. Cool but i lost my feint acheivements, AGAIN! and I can't get a higher score because I have six skewered and six bowled! Aaarrghh! 

  8. YAY! btw, happy late b-day Allan! my (late) gift to you is a virtual high-five! [clap]

  9. Awesome new update, please don't take away the old idles for idle hands 2 though, ok?

  10. I see the next update name is :Idle hands 2, caught with your pants down, funny!! XD Can you announce who won but don't tell us what they put?? Please!! Happy birthday Allan!! What a gift!! P.S I love the update!!

  11. Hey Happy Birthday Allan!!!!
    And As A Present Apple Put You Number 1 On The Paid Entertainment Section!!!!!

  12. Another amazing update. I really like these minigames and I think by now all iPhone/iPod Touch users should have the app. Its definitely worth at least 3.99 seeing as its 3 games in one.

    I wrote a review on my site:

  13. awww, can we have the 512x512 icons, i like keeping them :(
    great update!! and happy b'day Allan

  14. Ok bolt creative this is the second cross over that is better than the actual game it crosses with and for .99 cents that's amazing

  15. Great update! Anyway, since you guys are doing so many collabs, I thought of the next one you should do (after Idle Hands 2?): Pygmy Wars

    It would be a collab with BLUE's game Cartoon Wars. In Pygmy Wars, it would add a new island. Technically it would be the left side of a long island. On the right of that screen there would be a tower, and if you double-tap the tower, the game would start.
    You can now scroll, and a thunderstorm automatically starts above you (more on that later). The opposing team would be all of the members of the black and white/stickmen team from Cartoon Wars v1.0 (the soldier, ninja, gunner, cannon, mage, angel, golem, and green goblin).

    All of the Pygmies stay stationary at the side of the screen, and each one gets a different accessory (helmet and spear, ninja mask, coconut launcher, a staff, angel wings, and a dodo to ride). The PG form of mana would be God Points. To deploy each person, you would drag them onto the tower and some of your god points would deplete. A new one would fall down from the sky when the first one is deployed.

    The sacrifice when the Pygmies die in battle would either be "Fallen Soldier," "FAIL Fighter," or "Struck down in battle." When your castle is destroyed, all pygmies on the battlefield fall into the water, and that sacrifice is "Didn't cut their losses." The non fighting pygmies lose their accessories.

    The three major differences between CW and PW would be:

    a. No arrow launcher in PW
    b. No upgrading units in PW
    c. PW makes a new ability: God Powers. By performing the normal action, you can spend god points and strike the enemies with lightning, or flood the battlefield and drown everyone.

    The score you get (i.e. Oogles, Shark snaps, etc.) would be Towers Defeated

    Finally, Cartoon Wars' side of the agreement could be that they would get the pygmies as a fighter for the Color team, or a black and white pygmy for the B&W team.

    Please respond!

  16. Meowmix that sounds great!

  17. I downloaded this Pocket God and then when I press on the app on my Ipod Touch the screen comes on for about 5 seconds and then goes blank.

    What's up?