Thursday, August 20, 2009

Disaster Strikes!

Those of you who haven't updated, if you dont have a 3.0 phone/pod, DON'T!

Dave has figured out what is crashing the game. In this build, we've added 3.0 functionality BUT should be able to run on 2.2 ipods and phones. However, it looks like there was an unexpected bug in the system. When we create debug builds (what we use to test), everything works fine. But something happens in the "Release" build (what we send to Apple) that suddenly made it incompatible on 2.2.

The upshot is that the game SHOULD be working on 3.0 ipod/phones and will probably crash a 2.2 ipod/iphone. Ouch! Besides convincing everyone to upgrade to 3.0, our only solution here is to get another version up on the app store pronto. We have two options, leave it for a few days while Dave resolves the bug and then submit and try to convince Apple to fast track it. This would put is in a rush, and risk making a new mistake. OR see if Apple will revert the store version to Bait Master so people aren't purchasing a crashing app.

We're talking to Apple to figure out the best solution.

I've seen a few complaints from people with 3.0, and will check that out as well.

Really sorry guys! We're really bummed this happened. Thanks for your support.

UPDATE: We are going with option 2, reverting to Bait Master. Apple will put it back up on the store within 24 hours. We will then combine Ep 24 and Ep 25 in the next update!


  1. Thanks for the hasty action guys, I was really bummed when I couldn't play it last night!
    Though this challenges addition looks pretty good!
    Hope you get it all working in time.
    Look forward to it :)
    - Caity

  2. Hammer Time..then leave it until the next update!