Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Midweek check in, a nice write up and a video review

Well, we're waiting for "idle Hands 2" to go through. Word is on the twittersphere that approvals are taking as long as 9 days! Yesterday, Dave, Jean (who we've teamed up with for business development) went on a little road trip. Not for fun, but to have a few meetings. One was to finally talk to someone at Apple! It was very interesting to finally talk to someone on the "inside". They are still a bit secretive about certain things but we learned a lot. The other meetings are top secret but hopefully we will have something to announce in the next couple of weeks!

Now, it looks like we have a little more time, Dave and I are adding a few more features to the next update, which most of you already know has to do with the shark. On the road trip, Dave and I also brainstormed tweaks to the shark update as well as future updates....we know we have a good idea when we start laughing like 13 year olds who just heard a dirty joke and don't want our parents to know. So the trip was productive in that way. If you are wondering what the title is, we can't say, because it basically gives away the big joke of the update. Not sure when we will reveal the title...some people in the forums are calling it Jump the Shark 2.

So, without anything new, I thought I'd post this nice review I stumbled upon at Fantasy Magazine on What was interesting to me is how someone feels when someone who hasn't been following the updates come across Pocket God for the first time. Besides the Help menu, the only way to learn the features is with experimentation and a little creativity. Even then, I doubt you'd figure everything out. We are still not sure if this is a good or bad thing (or a little of both)...but here's what Kimberly Unger wrote:

>> Read Godling In Your Pocket at Fantasy Magazine <<

And for those of you that didn't like the 3 year old review (we thought it was funny!), here's a recent, and slightly more mature, review by PatzPodTouch!

New Fansite of the day tonight! Stay tuned.


  1. Update Out!!!!!

    I hope my blog gets features, I've been waiting a long time:

  2. pocket god idle hands 2: caught with your pant down is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YES!!!!!

    New update is out!!!

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  5. Lol that update has been released for maybe 10 seconds. I see it on App store and when I click to Updates he change back to Bait Master. I am not lied, it was icon with pygmi who have not a pants.. i hate apple :D

  6. dudes!!! It went up!!! Cant wait to play the new update!!! first post!! OH YEA

  7. hey guys at bolt creative idle hands 2 is out!!!!! but my pg dosnt work i was playing pg and i wanted to see my new updates i downloaded it and it stoped working
    i tryed redownloading it and restarting my ipod and it still dosnt work please help
    p.s. i have the 2.2 one right behind 3.0

  8. not to complain but since i updated i can't play pocket god!! I restarted and everything!!

  9. Here Are A Few Update Ideas

    Name: Winter Wonderland
    Features: Tap storm cloud with two fingers and watch the snow and an igloo fall from the sky. Pygmies put Eskimo snow suits on. Pygmies build a snowman that, when aggravated, puts on a magic hat and turns into an evil snowman that jumps around and tries to jump on top of the pygmies. Islanders hide in the igloo by outrunning the slow jumping snowman. Snowman melts away with snow and igloo when both open sky (not stormy sky) and sun are up and showing.

    Name: Pygmy's Best Friend
    Features: Add in cats; dogs; or cats and dogs with the menu bar. They would be small little animals, about the size of the coconuts, which play with the pygmies or each other. When it snows, the pets also wear snow suits. Dogs and cats favor certain people, the ones on the island when they first appear. Try to eat the fish or coconuts before the islanders. They also scare the bat away if they are still awake when the bat comes to bite the islanders.

    Name: The Red Planet
    Features: An alien comes in a UFO (turn off and on in menu) when an islander is held above the clouds at the top of the screen. UFO sucks islanders up in a green beam that drops them back down as alien pygmies that act just like the normal pygmies while the dogs and cats bark at them suspiciously. There can be variations of types of alien pygmies. If an alien pygmy is dragged to the top of the screen a second time, they will become gigantic alien pygmies and start attacking the normal islanders and hit them off the island. The alien pygmies are killed like the other pygmies, and come back in their normal pygmy form, after pressing the plus button. Giant alien pygmies do not attack other alien pygmies.


    AND GUESS WHAT? IT DOESN'T WORK! I CAN'T PLAY IT! It force closes at the Pocket God logo screeen.

  11. I guess Idle hands 2 went through, because I downloaded it, but every time I start the app, it crashes! I've never had this problem before :(


  13. For some reason i get this new update and pocket god stops working why?

  14. i downloaded the new update and when i go to play pocket god it says it is loading and the just goes back to the main screen i dont know if this is just my i pod or if anyone else is experiencing this but i already restarted my i pod and everything