Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dave's State of the Island! Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams

Last week kinda sucked. We were all pysched to put out "Caught with Your Pants Down" and then we were pretty much CAUGHT WITH OUR PANTS DOWN. We test our game in what is called "debug" mode....but then somehow didn't get the "Release" build tested on a 2.2 device, and BOOM, CRASH, POW.

Apple was really nice to let us quickly swap back in "Bait Master" to avoid new users downloading a crashing app. As a result, the usual bump in sales we got, of course, didn't happen. But at least people weren't paying their buck for an app that wouldn't stay open. Sorry to make everyone wait.

So on Touch Arcade, Dave reveals the details of the current episode "Sharks, with Frickin' Laserbeams Attached To Their Heads". There are several misquotes of the line out there (sharks with fricken lasers attached to their heads, sharks with lasers attached to their fricken heads"), but I've checked, this title is right. Now, I'm going to give a little background. A few weeks ago, I came across a forum posting somewhere that said they would like Pocket God a lot better if they'd just attach frickin' laserbeams to the shark heads. I showed it to Dave and we both laughed and thought, WE MUST DO IT. Its from Austin Powers and totally awesome. It's a strange cross-pollination, but we thought, what the hell? So there's a new function in the underwater ruins. Dave elaborates:
"When you pick chum out of the bucket, the shark swims with full laser headgear and tries to eat the chum. You can hand the chum to a pygmy at which point they look around with a Panicked look on their face until the shark eats them along with the chum. Also, while the shark is on screen, you have a laser aimer that is controlled by the accelerometer, kind of like Doom Resurrection."
But are they illtempered? It's a start!

>> Read Dave's Touch Arcade Post here.<<


  1. I love Austin powers! Oh btw, about the misquotes, the pic has a misquote. I really want that pic with the right caption, so if u fix it, can u pls send me a copy, and if u do I'll tell my friends and neighbors to buy pg!

  2. Sounds awesome. I noticed yesterday on feint that they had updated the achievements for pocket god and saw shark blast achievements. lol. I have a 3.0 touch and 1.24 works but is a little laggy, but i like what you guyes have added.

  3. Will the original Pocket God be coming to an end?

    Oh, and DC comics I think own the rights to suicide squad: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_Squad

  4. Yay first Post!
    Now seriously,
    I have some great idea's for next updates,
    And i want to hear some responces.
    I hope that these comes within the next updates (it can wait, they are yust idea's).
    So here they are:
    - An hedge that seperate pygmees from eatch other
    - More islands
    - Adjustable islands (like putting an tree in the middle, outhouse right,...)
    - Adjustable Pygmees (like giving their clothes, choes, sunglasses,...)
    - An beach chair with an [parrasol] and suncream (if they don't put on suncream they burn theirselves and get roasted)
    - Unlockables to win with achievements (but a little easier) like an desk, bed,...
    - Tenperature:
    •Hot makes sand hot and the pygmees
    are going to run because of the hot
    •Normal the normal things like now
    •Cold the pygmees freezes and if you
    drop one in whater it floats because
    he is freezed into an ice cube
    - Keep up the good work!

  5. YA i cant wait for the 24/25 thing again and this up date sounds soo COOL and i might not be first post but if i am YEA 1st post

  6. I just can't wait for the shark underwater AND the new island! well that's what I hear. O_o

  7. WE HAVE TO WAIT FIVE WEEKS! FIVE WEEKS FOR THE NEXT UPDATE! Or wait, was that if you kept IDle hands 2 in the app store. Or do we really have to wait five weeks, cause that would really suck. But i love the icon and the next update sounds great.

  8. Hey, it's BrnYhn again, the first poster (not to rub it in or anything, i really don't care if i'm first), and i just realized that i forgot to tell u my email address! It's yahnbaron@yahoo.com, so if u send me the pic without a misquote, i'd greatly appreciate it!

  9. i have an idea for the next update.
    Could in the islander stats the was another section (in the place where the sacrifices and gifts are) the was a highscore for say the islander's highest jump or shark snaps, etc.

  10. Yay!!!! 8th comment!!!!!! (you expected 1st didn't you?) Anyway, I think the next update sounds awesome but it really stinks that it won't come out for five weeks!!!!!! (that is correct isn't it?) I noticed Dave said this about the update after the sharks with lazers on their heads update.

    "As far as our next update goes, we are very excited about it. I will not spill the beans until it's finished and submitted to Apple but I don't think anyone will be able to guess what we are adding."


    I'm guessing aliens. It seems obvious to me. There was talk about a new area and there has been talk about pygmies on mars.(from fans)I always thought (and still do think) that it would be plenty of fun to just have a flying saucer vaporize them. :)

  11. yeah why the hell not, sharks and lazer beams are cuddly

  12. yay 1st commet?!? just wow...... ever think to once in your life that you... 1 person...., out of millions of people who own pocket god.... at least 100,000 on the website, will be first. You would have to be on the website and exactly at that 1 time that dave or allan posts something and even then you would have to read through it, wait scratch that last part, you couldnt even read it you would just have to skip it and write "yay 1st commet" then go back and read it and post again. :)
    oh and i have an update idea, have a new location where to see the whole island you have to scroll through it, sait nvm that would work i thought it was good at first but just found too many loop holes, :( well im gunna go watch season 4 of prison break then play PG :D

  13. I found the exact same picture above on an app called Funny Pictures! How convienient!