Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fan Site of the Day - Saintsalive PG Comics! this hasn't been EVERY OTHER DAY, but I'm still on it. Since Saintsalive (Liam) was the big winner of the Idle Hands 2 contest, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone (who isn't aware) of the great work he's done creating Pocket God comics! He even set up this awesome site for you to go read and be entertained. His depiction of the Pygmies as goofy, scheming, sometimes selfish, and always in danger, really hits the mark of what our humor is all about. In our opinion Liam is an extremely talented comedy writer and should stay on that track!

He has made other contributions as well...He signed up for beta testing close to the start of PG, worked with his friends to run the PG Forums and don't forget the Marshmallow song!

>> Click here to visit SaintsPGComics <<

Thanks a bunch for all your great work Saintsalive!

P.S. The latest update "Caught With Your Pants Down" is still in the approval system. We estimate a Monday or Tuesday approval. I've just finished some art for the following update that probably will go down in history as our goofiest and most random update so far. It was inspired by a Pocket God comment we came across in the forums.


  1. Why have a bunch of crossovers with multiple apps, when you can just have a bunch of apps crossover into ONE?? That would actually be really cool to have a giant death match game (similar to Ninteno's Super Smash Bros) that combines all the popular characters and elements from different apps??
    "choose your character: PYGMY!"

  2. I'm getting sick of Saintsalive being on Pocket Blog every other day. Please Stop.

  3. kykykyle295....sorry you feel that way! The point here is to recognize the people who have helped us grow PG. Without the viral aspect ....when kids like Saints and others create videos, comics and sites, we wouldn't have kept on the iTunes Charts and wouldn't have been able to maintain the updates. NOT acknowledging him (along with the others in this there are others) would be wrong!

  4. AAHHH!!!! I have an idea that I have posted on 3 blogs, commented with a link here 3 or so times, and sent to your email like 5 times.

    The point is I've been trying to get this through for a while, and all I have left to resort to is begging!

    Please Bolt, and anyone else, if you see this then please check out this link:

  5. BTW, Saints if you are reading this, I am not being mean to you. Don't feel a offended. I am just jealous.

    Sorry about that Bolt, didn't mean to act that way.

  6. PocketPlayer64...hey I got your email! Sorry. its hard to respond to everything but love the idea.....i will read it more carefully but there are some similarities between some of your ideas and ones we were working on and will be sure to keep yours on hand. The update I'm working on is basically a way to get the sharks underwater (which has been requested a million times)....however, we're putting a funny spin on it i think nobody will expect. Then, we want to open up a new area. but an octopus or similiar sea monster is way overdue! Nice work on the concept art!

  7. I also have a Pocket God fan site at

  8. Thanks for featuring me guys! XD Thanks for all the nice comments too.

  9. Here Are A Few Update Ideas

    Name: Winter Wonderland
    Features: Tap storm cloud with two fingers and watch the snow and an igloo fall from the sky. Pygmies put Eskimo snow suits on. Pygmies build a snowman that, when aggravated, puts on a magic hat and turns into an evil snowman that jumps around and tries to jump on top of the pygmies. Islanders hide in the igloo by outrunning the slow jumping snowman. Snowman melts away with snow and igloo when both open sky (not stormy sky) and sun are up and showing.

    Name: Pygmy's Best Friend
    Features: Add in cats; dogs; or cats and dogs with the menu bar. They would be small little animals, about the size of the coconuts, which play with the pygmies or each other. When it snows, the pets also wear snow suits. Dogs and cats favor certain people, the ones on the island when they first appear. Try to eat the fish or coconuts before the islanders. They also scare the bat away if they are still awake when the bat comes to bite the islanders.

    Name: The Red Planet
    Features: An alien comes in a UFO (turn off and on in menu) when an islander is held above the clouds at the top of the screen. UFO sucks islanders up in a green beam that drops them back down as alien pygmies that act just like the normal pygmies while the dogs and cats bark at them suspiciously. There can be variations of types of alien pygmies. If an alien pygmy is dragged to the top of the screen a second time, they will become gigantic alien pygmies and start attacking the normal islanders and hit them off the island. The alien pygmies are killed like the other pygmies, and come back in their normal pygmy form, after pressing the plus button. Giant alien pygmies do not attack other alien pygmies.

  10. Okay so the copy paste didn't work on my iPod so I try to remember what I said on the earlier post. (ps thanks so much for replying!)So my problem with feint was that after the bait master update all my feint scores were erased. I couldn't get them back because some of my scores are six skewered. Any solutions. Thanks again!!

  11. Woohoo!!! You guys actually read my email!!!

    Hey not to sound greedy or anything but if you end up using my idea, can you at least give me a little credit? My real name is in the post and on the email.

  12. hey Ben, i love your idea for a like a multi creator app! I hope you don't mind but I posted about it on P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. I gave you all credit don't worry! But, I beefed it up and added on! heres the link for anybody who wants to check it out, it extension!

    Ben's idea

  13. oh by the way that was from the prez 12521, i beefed your idea up and all. haha jsu saying :D

  14. Please check out my blog

  15. Hey Allan, I've e-mailed you before, but never got a confirmation e-mail back from you, so here is my link to my pocket god blog,
    It' has many new features, and is very different from otehr blogs, based on the posts I submit, and the pictures I use. I hope you like it and hope it will be featured shortly, because I e-mailed you a while back. Sorry to post it here, keep up the good work.