Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fansite of the day: Pocket God Glitchspot!

Now, Pocket God is a deceptively complicated game to program. One criticism we read is that Pocket God is "simple". Every time I read that, I laugh out loud!

Most games give the characters a very limited set of actions and interaction. And the collision of characters on the screen is usually generic. Think about your average Mario game, he either dies or gets knocked backward, or falls off screen no matter what he encounters!

In PG, he characters react to gravity, weather, the animals, god's (i.e. your) interference. Dave has built an engine where we have many possibilities on the screen and I have to create the animations around them. and there are hundreds and hundreds of animations at this point.The more we add, the more possibilities. With every episode, our brains get closer and closer to exploding....whoops another update idea.

As hard as we try to imagine all the possibilities and test it, the PG players out there kick our butts in that arena and uncover all sorts of weird and funny glitches! I'd be upset except it seems to have become part of the fun. What weird stuff can you put the game through to break it and how funny is the result?

A new site is devoted to the glitches, Pocket God Glitchspot, is maintained by Alex F. and Skipper587. With every update, they comb it for new and weirder glitches and tell you how to reproduce them. They keep monitor with other glitch seekers (like the Pocket God Glitch Guide) to stay abreast of any new info....

"So I found some more glitches, so here they are. Ok, so to trigger this first one, right as the T-Rex bites down, tap him, and the pygmy will "fall through the floor." He goes off the bottom of the screen without drowning. See him at the bottom?"

Whoops! Put it on the list, Dave!

>> Check out Pocket God Glitchspot Here! <<

Great job on pointing out how we're NOT doing our job, guys! Keep up the good work!

P.S. I see in the flurry of the latest crisis, the title for the next episode was leaked! The reason we withheld it, is that its just a little TOO descriptive of the next functionality. I won't say it here, but for those of you who found it, and think its really weird....go on youtube and search it!


  1. Thanks for featuring us Allan, especially for giving me some recognition seeing as I only joined a few days ago.

    Alex F

  2. speaking of blowing out brains, i think it would be fun to have the pygmies turn into zombies!

  3. I found the name. You were right it is weird. If this is the name, don't post this. NAME FOR NEXT UPDATE: Episode 25: Sharks With Friggin Laser Beams Attached to Their Heads
    PS:I am really excited to have the next update and I can't wait to do challenges!!!! :)

  4. Oops, forgot. I found a glitch in the reverted version of Bait Master. When you are playing the mini game bait master and you tap on the pygmies they will start to swim around as if the pirannahs aren't there. Just wanted to point it out. :)

  5. Would you please feature my Pocket God blog :)

  6. Cool another fan site you should post fansites on here more often!

  7. Just a thought...

    I'm a little worried that epic pet wars might get you in a little bit of a mess. After all, they DO have a shark with a laser on its head (called a Lazershark) Compare the Lazershark description with the next update title:

    Sharks with friggin lasers on their heads
    A shark with a freakin laser on its head

    Might be something to think about

  8. LOL i saw the leak it sounds SOOO sweet, i wont say it here unless..... no. I think i posted it on facebook on the wall of pocket god, but i click enter a bunch of times so they will only see it if they really want to, also i think i posted it on P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S...... sorry dave and allan if you wanted to keep it a secret but its just to crazy to keep to yourself if you know what i mean, it totaly is like a 13 year old hearing a dirty joke and not telling their parents! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is gunna be a sweet update

  9. is the name for episode 25 leaked or if it isn't what is it

  10. Puppy Lover #1 here. Samantha, zombies wouldn't be, well possible because every time you kill a pygmy the dead pygmy doesn't stay dead. You just press the plus and he comes back. Also, anything that remains of a sacrificed Pygmy fades away a second after he is sacrificed. All I'm saying here is that it wouldn't really work. I have nothing against you or your thinking on this. I do however like the way you think. I would very much appreciate it if you would send any other ideas to Thank you. :)

  11. You should use this as a way to catch up on the version numbers. IE, ep24/25 should be v1.25, that way ep 26 is 1.26 and so on.

  12. OH NO! My dad accidentally got the update! What do i do, what did i lose?

  13. When's the new state of the island coming?

  14. Congratz Skipper, I hope Im next :)

  15. Off subject but i didn't know where else to put this without you guys seeing it. When you added the whirlpool effect you didn't add the new sacrifice or achievment for whirpool then skewer. Please add this. Thanks!

  16. I posted this last week, but it was deleted so im posting again, as Allan is making a mistery out of Ep. 25's name I checked it in App Store and it said that the next update was called ''Sharks with Friggin' Beams Attached to Their Heads''

  17. it would be cool if there was an island based on LOST- There would be this hatch and if u pressed the hatch twice an airplane will crash and start explosions and also a smoke monster will come and strangle the pygmies. just an idea since ur doing somting from austin powers


    I have an idea for the name of the next update!

    "Scott's Gift"
    "Dr.Evil's Request" because in the movie Dr. Evil said his only request was to have.. well you know. (And one million dollars) lol

    Also, I was wondering if you would consider my mini idea.

    Rain Dance - When you make the pygmies dance while it is storming, they perform a new dance and instead of fireworks, a peaceful rain falls from the sky.

    I just figured that could be a nice little addition to your next update. And also, any word on how you are planning to incorporate my octopus idea?
    (Be as vague as you want to on that question, I just wanted to know if you still remembered it)

    Btw I sent you an email that I would like to keep confidential so please respond to me concerning that on email, but answer the other questions here please!

  19. Friggin lazerbeams looks awesome but please do a UFO or temperauture update!

  20. Christo - its an Austin Powers reference. Apparently we saw the same movie, that's all.