Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fan Site Of The (every other) Day

Okay, starting TONITE, I am going to feature a fansite/blog/etc. on our blog that is about Pocket God! I will do it until I run out.

There are a few very industrious friends of Pocket God out there and I need to give them their props!

So, why every OTHER day you ask? Well, because we've discovered that the top position on this blog generates the most hits while it is up. This way, each site will get at least a day in the highest exposure without being buried.

Now, I am aware of a handful of Pocket God blogs and sites, but if you're not sure if I have it, send a new email to pocketgodcontest@gmail.com. This isn't a contest, but this email is the least cluttered. Please, don't throw something up overnight just to get on the list....only fansites that you are putting time into! Thanks, guys!

By the way, the illustration above is by Joe Gibson Thomas Gibson and was submitted for the Idle Hands 2 Contest!


  1. Blah Blah Blah. [That was me being a pygmy according to the picture.]

  2. pocketgodfans.blogspot.com

    I got over 500 hits.

    email me your ideas and fan art and I WILL post it on my blog.


  3. first comment...there must be lots of fan sites. I have a lot of sites such as jackspoems.blogspot.com
    and jacksvideosjack.blogspot.com
    plus twenty more
    but no pocket god
    i still like this site. its got a lot of members
    not like my sites
    anyway keep up the good work and don't raise your price, pocket god

  4. Actually, my son Thomas Gibson drew that picture. I'm his dad, Joey. I'm just the one who emailed it in.

  5. Hi Joey! Whoops! Sorry I was busy working on art all day and helping Dave debug and didn't see your note. fixing now. Tell Thomas, great job!

  6. my pocketgod website is www.youknowyoulovepocketgod.piczo.com