Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PG Featured on iTunes Facebook page

A friend just sent me a heads up! Go make a comment!

>> Click here to view the iTunes Facebook Page <<


  1. Hey can you put up the Bait Master icon on the right?

    And also, I sent an email to about an updte idea of mine, but I never got a response, and I was wondering I that was even your email, because you never posted where to contact you on your profile or on the blog. And if that isn't, can you please give me a way to contact you directly? I have a very detail layout of an update idea that you may be interested in.

  2. Cool!!!!!
    PS: I can't wait for the next update!!!!!!! I'm sure it will be awesome!!!!! :)

  3. Anyone want to know how to get six pygmies skewered easily? Just check out!!!!!! The latest post has instructions on how to do it and there are other cool Pocket God things there too!!!!!! :)

  4. cool but announce the idles!

  5. check out my fansite. i got glitches, people email me their ideas and fan art and i post them for sure. and i am doing guides to all the achievements!