Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dave's State of the Island

Dave does his recap of the latest update. This one proved to be a major one due to friend challenges. Collaborating with Aurora Feint, players will now be able to challenge each other over the internet....
"Now that my complaining is over, the update is actually really fun, some of our beta testers say this is the coolest update yet because it puts some competition into play. The current mini games that are challenge enabled are Ooga Jump, Bait Master, Hurricane Zaps, Coconut Bounces, Bird Bombs, and Shark Snaps. I also recoded the achievement logic so its a lot easier to connect new mini games to their achievements and challenges. "

>>Read Dave's Touch Arcade Post Here<<

He also reveals the new Idles. Now that the cat's out of the bag, here's what they are.....

Adam Jaffe - Beat Chest (like an ape or Tarzan)

Sam Greenwood - Pull bone out of hair, hair falls in face, puts it back up

Seth Horinouchi - Sneeze

Brandon and Derek - Thought bubble with an item in it

Liam (Icon winner) - Skirt falls to ground, Pygmy picks up embarassed

There were so many good ones, we chose ones we thought were funny, doable, but not overly complicated. Many of you are going to say "Hey! That was mine!"....because many people thought of the same thing. Thank you for everyone that sent in their idles. I am halfway through making a collage of all the art that was submitted. Two of the winners submitted their art, Seth and Sam. See below.

By Sam Greenwood

By Seth Horinouchi


  1. Cool! I had an idea similar to the bone one... they pull out the bone, and use it as a tooth pick :D

  2. That's weird, I had the exact same idea as Sam Greenwood, I said "Take Bone out of hair, and then put it back in" meaning the samne thing, that's actually ironic :O

  3. Great ideas i love every update you did so far

  4. Dave said you can't see what is under their skirt, but actually you can!. Create a hurricane (best 6 pygmies) and make some screenshots. At least in one it should be possiblie to see between his legs whats under it. But their is nothing special, just normal skin!


    PS:Can you make some more features for the earthquake. It would be funny if you do an earthquake underwater, than the bottom has a split and it pulls the pygmies in it until one is too fat and can't go through or something like that

  5. Not to be rude but I had 2 of those ideas, sneeze and hair thing.

  6. This sounds like an awesome update. All of the idles are really creative and cool. A censored bar would be hilarious. And finally the shark is gonna be underwater. I wonder what the new location is gonna be. I'm guessing a jungle island, an island with more dinosaurs, or an island with future technology.

  7. oooh my god i cant wait this is going to be the coollest update ever!

  8. WHEN IS THE UPDATE!!!!! 1st comment YAY

  9. just so everyone knows. i had a sinking feeling when i went through the emails. All the ideas we picked....and many ones we almost picked, were suggested by multiple people. The bone in hair AND the skirt falling down were suggested many times. Of course I should have anticipated it. Contests seem like fun until you realize its going to tick some people off! Next one I run, I will have to think through very carefully! The next update was submitted last it may not come through until early next week unfortunately! I'm crossing my fingers it will go through faster!

  10. I think that the new island should be a fruit island with like four trees and different fruits like bananas, pineapples, oranges, and pears or something. And in the banana tree, if you put a bunch of bananas on the ground and a pygmy goes to eat it, a monkey will swing out of the tree and grab the pygmy. The update should be called "Fruit Frenzy" or "Monkey Business". I also think there should be a beehive that the pygmies take honey out of and than bees come out and sting as a sacrifice. It would also be cool if you could catch for types of fish like puffer fish, squid, crabs, and others. The crab could pinch the pugmies and run around on the island and the players would have to drag the crab to the fire to cook it. Update name: "What's for Dinner?"
    Thanks for reading my ideas!


  12. oh wow i sent two of those same ideas (and did a better job at drawing them)

  13. I got a few ideas 4 upcomming updates

    They shud hav a bow n arrow to shoot at the bird
    Cooking the bat
    Shark eats bird
    Birds nest in the tree
    Spider with web in the tree and u can throw the islanders in the web and the spider eats them

    Well thats really all hope u put dem in
    Also cant wait 4 the next update n the new location its probably a jungle or the volcano :)

  14. Any chance you could consider using Plus+ instead of Open Feint? It comes across as a much more polished interface and is much faster for the user, also looks far nicer and doesn't have all of Feint's annoying little nuances and chatrooms(no one uses them, to my knowledge, so feel free to correct me). The news and profile pics are just another plus(pun not intended), same with the profile comment. Also one of the original developers of open Feint was saying that its all about cross promotion, both Plus+ and O.F. can do that and quite well on Plus+.

    As a user though i can quite happily say that Plus+ is a far more appealing system, at least at the front end although i can't tell you about the backend APIs. Either way give it a go one of their games - apparently Freeverse's as well.

  15. Why does Itunes say its updated every week? Its more like every month if you ask me!

  16. Had an idea, this is the only suggestion I've made to you guys. You're doing a great job! The camera applications seem to do the best on the app store and even though my suggestion isn't exactly functional outside the game, I think it could be fun. Anyway, here it is: use some finger swipe to trigger like a camera "minigame" where you have a zoomed in view of the island like you're looking through a camera lens. From there you can move it around and zoom in and out and take close up pictures of the pygmies doing whatever it is you want. Then you can save them in your pictures folder. I realize you can screenshot the whole thing but I think it would make a cool minigame, maybe your pictures can even be assigned a point value depending on how good they are. Also, how hard would it be to place actual pictures of people from your photos over the pygmies faces?
    Anyway, hope you like the idea, I thought it'd be good.

  17. dave do you run bolt creative and how much money has came in from all the buyers