Sunday, August 9, 2009

Idle Hands 2 Winners!

Well, part of the reason I worry about contests is that it ends up disappointing a lot of people who had very good ideas, but you know what they say. Someone's gotta win. What I completely didn't factor in when I came up with is idea is how many people would suggest the exact same thing. I came up with the fairest methodology I could think of to pick the winners as I could and this is the list that shook out!

(in no particular order)

  • Sam Greenwood

  • Liam (a.k.a. Saintsalive)

  • Adam Jaffe

  • Seth Horinouchi

  • Brandon & Derek

So, what was their idle choice? Who won the icon? Let's leave that for another time! There are some hints out there on the internet if you care to look for them. The icon winner will receive a $50 itunes card and the other four, a $25 itunes card.

The reason I didn't make the announcement earlier is I was waiting to see if we could get this other very cool prize together in time, but its taking too long so we'll save it for something else. More on that later!

Congrats to the winners! and we'll release more info soon.

We received many awesome drawings of idles and i saved them all. I am figuring out a way to create a collage out of them as a token of my appreciation. I would have posted one of the ones that didn't win (since I'm not revealing the idles yet)...but then it would have been horribly misleading!

Thanks to everyone! P.S. I'm holding off on the Site of the (every other day) until tomorrow. Sorry about that!


  1. I had a cool idea for a new update you call the update "they only come out at night" and it allows you to choose a difficulty for ooga jump by changing whether it is night, day, or sunrise and night is the hardest and it has lots of doodle jump guys. the update is also a functionality update so you add things like being able to cook the shark or tempt the t-rex and other stuff like that. this update doesn't actually add any new objects/places it just improves how the current objects interact with each other.

    but anyways, congrats everyone! By the way, can the sidebar sites be featured (eg. PGF)?

  3. I am THEONE that hates pocket god come to my blogsite
    revolt to this awful app and its followers

  4. i can't see were the hints are. can somebodey see the hints?

  5. I know a really good idea for pocket god. we could be able to change the weather. and when the weather changes the ooga's could change clothes and other stuff like the shark and backgrounds could change.

  6. Hey allan and dave, did you read my idle hands ideas? if you did leave a comment on my blog.

    tell me what you think about it!

  7. I found out what the episode is called, idle hands 2: caught with your pants down. If you dont believe me, check pocket god in the app store! it says thats the next episode!

  8. Hey I wanted to report a glitch in the new Bait Master mini-game.

    I don't know why but it crashed on me twice. It may have to do with too many sprites, but thats just a thought.

    Since you're doing a clean up I thought that might help.

  9. Hey guys! New blog! Please follow us!

  10. Nice saints! But anyhow come check out its the Pocket God Forums new homepage, and Dave and Allan I'd appreciate it if you would check it out too!


  11. Hey Allan and Dave,

    Could you put my button in the sidebar with the other affiliates? It's a button for the iPocket God Forums. Thanks.

    Link it to:

  12. Hey guys! New blog! Please follow us!

  13. Hey guys! New blog! Please follow us!

  14. I saw the idle hand 2 icon and the i think the pant down idea was mine. i can repost my idea if u want. here's the link :

    maybe i'm wrong but i just put it here before the update is up so that people wont say im making things complicated.

  15. i just saw the facebook update, i think the idea 'taking out the bone in their hair' was also mine ( u can see pics in my previous post ). :( ... i think im not gonna surf this site for a while. it's hurt...

  16. i know im kinda late, but i was out of town. i cant believe i got picked! you rock bolt