Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fan Site of the Day...Pocket God Forums Revisited!

Okay, the link is over to the side, but since I started the Pocket God Fan listing, I thought I'd revisit one of the awesomest (word?) places created by fans FOR fans of Pocket God. It is administered by Arikags, Saintsalive Gscal, SuperPygmy and Superskateman, and moderated by Jamesbond007, Metalbear, Masgroomes97, The_Dude and Pocket God. There is just a TON of content and conversation going on there. They have polls, a news section, general chat, update discussion, fan art and of COURSE the idea discussions!

Being an artist, this is also a great place to catch up on comics by Saintsalive, Kyle, King of the Penguins, Tigermouse, Jamesbond007 and art by Mathieu914, Yffum, The_Dude, Superskateman, SupperTeddy, 5Jusername and others.

There is a lot of work and energy put into this forum...and I'm very impressed by the skill it took to create it!

One of my favorite parts of the forums is the tiny icons created for the UI. Here's a small sampling...

They also have an unofficial Pocket God store there, which is pretty cool! So, if you haven't visited the forums, be sure to check them out!

>> Click here to go to the Pocket God Forums <<

P.S. I've noticed in comments that people are speculating that Pocket God is winding down because we are starting to think about spinoffs. But we haven't made any such decision! We're going to keep updating for a while and have no immediate plans to stop. In fact, Dave and I have been inspired by forum conversations to expand on the Pocket God story and have a lot of fun plans around that!


  1. First post whoopie

    awesome, glad to heard PG is staying for a while!!!!
    Congratz again PGF and my bros!
    i hope im next :)

  2. Sharks with Laser Beams was submitted on Sunday.

  3. please!!!!!! can you please pick my website next?

  4. YAY! oh and btw I am the mod (Pocket God)

  5. The sidebar button for the link to the Pocket God Forums is broken its in a different URL now. Try it out, Thanks!
    (I hope my fan site gets here soon)

  6. could we have some details on the update AFTER Sharks with Lazerbeams?

    -crosses off on pg goals list-

    Become a beta
    Be mentioned on pocketBlog(Completed)
    Be admin on PGF(Completed)